Female Celebrities Who Turned Gray Prematurely

None of us is ready to welcome first gray hairs, this harbinger of age creeping up on us, saddening for everyone – and for celebrities probably most of all. But we can’t get around aging, and we can’t stop our hair from turning gray and white.

Angelina Jolie revealed that having separated from Brad Pitt, she started developing more gray hairs with the passing years.

Jolie, 45, is only one from a long list of world-famous personalities who admit to having gray hair – the list goes on to include Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, who shed tears at the appearance of her first grey hair, and Naomie Harris, who can’t help hating her every new one. Do we have to react that strongly when we discover our hair begins to go gray?

Jennifer Lopez

As the actress-singer revealed, she began to go gray as soon as she hit her 20s. In 2011 in an interview with People Lopez said she had had her roots touched up so often that she had a strong wish to leave them natural and see what happens, maybe it would be fine!

Charlize Theron

“I’m very gray,” were Theron’s confessions to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live; she went on to say that with her hair it occurred unexpectedly prematurely.

Lucy Hale

A few years ago Hale, then 28 years old, was enjoying the looks that made her appear as if she was still in her teens, when suddenly, before filming Pretty Little Liars, her hairstylist popped the news that she had a gray hair. As she told People, she immediately said she wanted it out.

Shay Mitchell

Another Pretty Little Liars star Mitchell sports a different attitude to the gray in her hair. Discussing the issue with People she said gray hair was the symbol of her experiences. Mitchell doesn’t try to run away from the fact she is getting older, and there is no use freaking out over it. So she refers to her gray hairs as „wisdom hairs.“ Maybe it is nice to have a reminder of experiences – and hair can always be dyed over when necessary.

Jennifer Aniston

Aniston’s pain was one long gray hair found just before she turned 40. Its very length made her flustered. It was not the first one, but it did set out a train of thoughts about how long it had been there or how many more can there be. Aniston confessed that she even shed a few tears over it.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Yet one more actress who loves her gray hair is Gwyneth Paltrow, who is 48 and has come to terms with her age, wrinkles and, of course, gray hair. She says that is what she is and she came to be like she is during her hard and rewarding years.

Eva Longoria

The Desperate Housewives star is of those who gray early, so Longoria had to dye her hair even in her late teens. No wonder the actress is a regular salon goer. Her premature grayness caused her plenty of troubles. She used to apply mascara to cover her roots, and it made her hair unpleasant and sticky. When she used black eyeshadow, the wind blew it off after a while.

Naomie Harris

If gray hair is to be regarded as a sign of experience, Harris’s was not a pleasant one. Her story told to People is of her being involved in a car accident which, on the very next day, left her with a great deal of gray hair. It comes as no surprise, then, that Harris hates it and fights with it by every means at her disposal.

Alexandra Grant

Visual artist Alexandra Grant, who released two books in partnership with her boyfriend Keanu Reeves, also belongs to the club of the premature gray-haired. At 20 plus she had quite a lot of gray hair and resorted to dyeing. She had tried multiple colors before she realized that dyes are so toxic that they became pretty well unbearable. Now she avoids dying her hair.

Last year she opened up about the problem on Instagram, posting information about constant hair dyeing which might be linked with breast cancer.

“In my 30’s, I let my hair turn ‘blonde’… I love and support that every womxn can choose how she wants to look at every age. But/and if womxn are perishing from beauty standards… then let’s talk about those beauty standards. Love to all womxn!”

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