Celebs Who Went Through Domestic Violence

One of the scourges of the century (and not only this one) is, undoubtedly, domestic abuse. No-one can be exempt from it, and the very next moment we may find that our chosen and beloved partner turns out to have a predilection for verbal abuse, wielding a heavy hand and picking at us endlessly. Celebrities are not excluded, notwithstanding their wealth, fame, and any other factors.

There is something very debasing about domestic abuse. It is a dire phenomenon that needs serious addressing, but it is a highly sensitive topic for discussion. Yet a number of our well-known personalities found it in them to admit the fact publicly. It really requires a good deal of courage to share your sad stories, but maybe it is cleansing.

Halle Berry

The high-paid actress owned up to her share of bad physical abuse – so bad that after being subjected to a really horrid beating she lost hearing ability in one ear by something like 80%. She wouldn’t give the name, but it’s widely assumed the culprit is her first husband David Justice.

Jennifer Lopez

Lopez’s own book True Love includes her mention of marital abusive incidents stressing the instant of her realization that it was the time she got out of it all. According to J.L., although she never ended up with a swollen eye or a bloody lip, she felt ceaselessly abused either verbally or emotionally. So she understands the feelings of those who find themselves trodden over by their partners and loved ones.


Back in 2009 Rihanna had a notorious picture of herself beaten up (black eyes, bruises all over the face, blood streaks) left on the street after Chris Brown, her boyfriend at the time, slugged her and threw out of the car. Then, five years ago, when interviewed by Vanity Fair, the singer spoke of the issue and her subsequent label referring to them as a “a poster child for victims of domestic abuse.”

Amber Heard

In May 2016, when divorcing Johnny Depp, Amber Heard claimed she had fallen victim of the famous actor’s abusive temper and been subjected to both physical and emotional indignities. Although Depp denied the accusation, Heard continues to insist she belongs with the abused and later that year issued a message in a letter written for the Porter magazine.

Addressing other fellow victims of domestic violence, Heard reminded them that though they might be alone suffering penned in their homes, they must know they are not really, and could always brace themselves to break out from the painful situation.

Reese Witherspoon

It was during her memorable high-strung interview with Oprah Winfrey that the award-winning actress and producer touched upon the subject of emotional abuse in a relationship back in her green years. Answering then to a question about her most tormenting decision Witherspoon spoke at once about the difficulty of walking out of a violent relationship.

She chose not to expound too much on the particulars, but revealed that she proved to be strong enough to quit the relationship when her partner had overstepped the line.

Mariah Carey

According to the Hall of Fame singer, her first hubby Tommy Mottola was a control-bent person and used to abuse her permanently. They were in disagreement about her music as well. Since theirs was not only a marital bond but also a business one, Carey found it not an easy task to get out from under her violent relationship.

Christina Aguilera

Another famous singer, Christina Aguilera, knew all about in-house abuse from her childhood. Asked by Us Weekly to expound on her views on domestic abuse, she first admitted that it was an issue she was really familiar with and that she had never concealed the fact that she had to struggle with it. Aguilera commented that violence had been going on in many of the homes in the vicinity as well, and her formative years were spent in a highly charged atmosphere.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian seems to have lived down her long-gone days of an abusive marriage, her first one with producer Damon Thomas. Court documents contain her statement that he let her have it in the face telling at the same time she needed liposuction. One rough guy.

Charlize Theron

Now a famous and influential, much-praised actress and producer, Charlize Theron isn’t a stranger to household abuse; at her native home in South Africa, her drunkard father had been periodically violent – until, when Charlize turned 15, her mother shot him down while defending herself. These days Theron works tirelessly in support of those victimized in their homes and established two rape crisis centers.

Tina Turner

Turner is one of the iconic figures of American blues and pop, and her smash successes like “What’s Love Got to Do With It” and “Simply the Best” put her on the top of the nation’s prime entertainers. But when her first hits came out, together with Ike Turner, her then-husband, she had a totally different life. Married to Ike in 1958, she went through a life with a drug-addicted and violent husband until their union disintegrated in 1978.


Madonna’s first husband Sean Penn (1985 – 1989, they lasted only four years) was an extremely violent person. He created a public scandal by hitting a photographer, but he treated his wife much worse. Penn used a baseball bat on Madonna, tied the singer to a chair for a more comfortable beating, (she opted not to press charges, though). Besides, he could throw her out of a hotel room and told her repeatedly he would shave off her hair.

If you happen to have a violent family member or a partner, turn to a relative, friend, or neighbor for support. You also have at your service hotlines, online services ready to help you to survive. Make sure you are aware of local services providing shelter and counseling, what time they are available and what exactly they can do for you.

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