Cleo: The Hottest Purse of 2021 Everybody Wants

What does the main purse of 2021 look like? Which purse are women queueing to buy? This is a universal model that democratic brands are already copying.

New Year always brings a new it-bag (the purse that all fashionistas dream about and that all brands of the mass market want to copy). Bottega Veneta with Pouch used to lead the last two years.

The model is called Cleo. And it was presented back in September. Cleo resembles baguettes and hobos – two models from the nineties and noughties, which are fashionable today again. A laconic purse with a semicircular bottom and a short handle is made in several colors (we suspect that the palette will expand considerably).

After the purse had been purchased by the main fashion influencers and the leading glossy magazines of the world recognized it as the main model of the next year, it became quite difficult to buy Cleo. The bag is not available either on the official website or from major retailers. To get a model, you need to queue in a line. And you will have to pay at least $1,600 for the purse.

The popularity of the purse is simple to explain: firstly, it corresponds to modern trends. And secondly, it is very versatile: it can be worn with sneakers and joggers, heels and floor-length dresses, or integrated into everyday looks.

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