Fashion Weeks ‘Makeup Artists’ Top Beauty Tricks

Any professional makeup artist has a whole arsenal of effective beauty hacks that will become a necessary addition to your makeup rituals on a daily basis.

If we compare the work of a makeup artist behind the scenes of fashion shows and the morning makeup efforts of beautiful ladies, we can make an unambiguous conclusion: the former and the latter have much things in common and similar pressing problems than it might seem at first glance.

For example, there are constant time constraints, the need to use brushes and liners quickly, smoothly and without blunders (there are simply no extra minutes to correct them). Most importantly, there is a desire to emphasize natural beauty or produce a real wow effect with the created beauty image.

In general, it is definitely worth learning all sorts of makeup tricks from the beauty guru behind the scenes at catwalk and fashion presentations. Are you ready to learn the main secrets of their success? Our article contains the most useful ones.

1. Full lips effect

To emphasize the shape of the lips, backstage makeup artists advise choosing a light pencil instead of a dark one. This will give your lips a natural glow from the inside out for a softer highlighter effect. Apply the product and mix it lightly to make it look as natural as possible.

2. One lipstick – many functions

During fashion shows, makeup artists are forced to work in a super-fast mode – with the utmost attention and quality. However, such an inhuman pace has its advantages, and one of them is the birth of creative hacks that allow the makeup master to greatly facilitate the work and make it smoother.

This is how the famous lipstick trick was born. Makeup artists apply it to the model’s lips and then slightly shade off the cheeks, eyelids and even the tip of the nose. However, one must be extremely careful with the latter, since such a technique requires certain skills.

3. The almighty hairdryer

Due to the high speed of work that is required of makeup artists during fashion shows, they often resort to the help of a good old hair dryer – and use the simplest models for a variety of purposes. To dry liquid liner, liquid eyeshadows or freshly applied nail polish in the game against the clock, a hairdryer can become an indispensable assistant.

4. Makeup foundation trick

To achieve a beautiful natural tone, makeup artists apply foundation to the central part of the face and move from it in different directions. For a brighter, more radiant under-eye touch, use a pink-toned concealer.

5. Change the shade of cream blush to your liking

Blush comes in many varieties, but with creamy textures you can choose the image. For example, to tone down the brightness of a creamy blush, all you need to do is mix it with a lighter, muted lipstick on the back of your wrist. A great bonus: you can use the resulting tone both on the cheeks and on the lips.

6. Apply red lipstick correctly

Red lipstick has always been and will be in trend. However, to apply it ideally, you will have to work a little. To begin with, makeup artists advise using concealer and spreading it evenly around the lip line.

Secondly, you should apply a darker red shade of lipstick to the center of the lips and spread a lighter shade around the edges. For a more natural look, use a special brush or mix two red shades with your fingertips for a most relaxed look.

7. Eyeliner trick

Oddly enough, black eyeliner is not at all popular among professional makeup artists, who eagerly prefer brown and gray shades. As a rule, they make your makeup image less dramatic and are ideal for everyday makeup. Take note.

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