Get Ready for Summer 2021: Hottest Fashion and Style Tips

Fashion and makeup trends change extremely fast. However, looking at the latest developments in these industries, you can see that quite a few of the “hottest” trends have been around for a while. They might have been forgotten for a few decades, but now they are coming back full-force. Therefore, if you want to look trendy during the upcoming summer season of 2021, you will need to mix a bit of the 1960s, 1970s, and 1990s in your look.

1960s Makeup Is back In Full Force

Of all makeup trends for the summer of 2021, looks from the 1960s boast the most consistent popularity among designers. In particular, every makeup artist seems to be fond of eyeliner. Overall, you can’t go wrong with creating a sensual “doe-eyed” look.

Natural “no-makeup” makeup with neutral lipsticks and subtle skin glow is also a safe bet for any occasion. If you really want to stand out, you should use bold-colored lipstick or eyeliner. Do not mix those together at the same time. This year the less makeup you are wearing the better. Therefore, you should treat colors as you treat accessories. This means to create a rather neutral base with one statement piece that draws most of the attention.

1970s Hair Trends Revived

Hair trends that are most popular during the 2021 summer season are largely rooted in the 1970s. This is definitely not a bad thing because they are versatile yet elegant in their simplicity.

For those who prefer longer hair the best styles are soft waves and shag. And if your tresses aren’t quite long enough for that yet, you can look fabulous with 24 halo extensions. These products are insanely popular because their quality has grown by much in recent years. Now hair extensions don’t harm your locks and look completely natural. Halo extensions, in particular, are a good choice for the summer because they are easy to put in and remove whenever you feel like enhancing your hairstyle. Moreover, they give you an instant volume boost and look completely natural with any type of hair.

If shorter is your style, a classic bob and pixie cuts are your best choices. It will be a great idea to play around with colors for these haircuts. Pastel colors as well as warmer shades of blonde are the most popular options for this season. However, modern hair fashion generally welcomes natural hair color, regardless of what it is. Also, subtle highlights with your beach waves are a great look for the summer.

Finally, don’t forget the accessories. In particular, this season’s fashion designers seem enamored of ribbons, scrunchies, and headbands. As it’s summer, hats are also very popular and a good way to protect yourself from damaging UV rays.

Top Summer Fashion Trends: A Mix of All Eras

Summer fashion for 2021 is a blend of pieces from different recent decades that are revamped to fit modern times. There is a great selection of choices for every fashionista during this season. Leading designers embraced different things, so you can easily find a look that will be a perfect expression of your inner being.

There are gauzy maxi-dresses reminiscent of hippies from the 1960s for those who love elegance and romance. If you are more of a fun-loving person, your wardrobe definitely needs a few sparkling dresses inspired by the 1980s disco culture.

Those who are more sophisticated or need a good new office look should turn their attention to baggy pants that were quite popular in the 1970s. They are considered to be fit for an everyday look now and you can find many interesting models for different occasions.

Bralets of the 1990s have also made a great comeback, especially among the newer designers who dictate contemporary popular looks. However, giants like Boos, Givenchy, Dior, and Armani also feature quite a few of these in their spring-summer collections.

Cut-outs are also very much in trend now. This is a particularly good idea for the summer as these pieces can make the hit weather more bearable.

Finally, corsets are also considered the height of the latest fashion in 2021. However, the hottest trend for those now is to incorporate them in street clothing. The looks you can create like this are very daring. Also, a form-shaping corset is a definite way to stand out in any situation.

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