Top Tips When Choosing Rings For Women

Choosing a ring is a big decision, especially if you are looking at rings for women. They are seen as an essential element to embellish even the simplest outfit and most women have a collection of stunning rings to choose from.

Of course, regardless of what precious stones are used, a ring must always support the outfit being worn. This is why it can be so difficult to choose those extra special rings, such as an engagement or wedding ring.

Fortunately, there are some stunning rings for women available, making it hard to go wrong, providing you follow these guidelines.

What Is The Ring For

There is a big difference between choosing an engagement ring and one to wear with a specific outfit. You need to decide what the occasion is before you start looking, it will make a difference to what types of rings for women you look at.

Of course, you may be giving the ring to a special lady. If this is the case you will want to consider what message you wish to portray. There is a big difference between undying love and friends forever. It is worth considering this when looking at rings.

Set Your Budget

The better the quality of the precious stone the higher the price tag will be. You should note that this doesn’t automatically mean that the stone will be bigger if it is more expensive. It is important to consider what you can afford to spend and then define the qualities of the ring you are looking for.

The good news is that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a great looking ring. Some of the best are those with cubic zirconia. Don’t forget, while an engagement, wedding, or eternity ring will be worn all the time, most other rings will be changed regularly. That means it makes sense to avoid overspending on the ring, a woman should feel comfortable leaving some rings at home.

Know Her Personality

Perhaps the most important element of choosing rings for women is to make sure you know her personality. Some women love bright and large rings, others prefer smaller, more discreet ones. You can get inspiration from her current ring collection and her personality.

Romantic women tend to prefer thin bands and solitary jewels, while fashion-conscious women will know what the latest trends are and want to wear those. There is a style for every personality, it is worth spending a few moments thinking about this.

Her Fingers

Women have all types and sizes of fingers. The right-wing will complement her fingers. For example, women with shorter fingers will be better suited with slim bands, a wider band will make their fingers look shorter still. But, a thin band can also work for long fingers as they will elongate the fingers further.

Again, existing preferences are a good indication of what ring types suit her fingers, helping you to choose the right rings for the women in your life.


Choosing the right rings for women is never an easy task. You are likely to worry that you have chosen badly. However, in most cases, this is very much the thought that counts. The obvious exception is when you are looking for engagement or wedding rings. If you are looking at a ring she will wear for life there is no shame in getting her opinion on the matter. You can always do this discreetly to get a feel for the perfect ring.

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