Beauty & Makeup Tips for Very Lazy Women

It seems that laziness and self-care are incompatible, but we are ready to prove otherwise.

Keep the pads for makeup removal at hand

Everyone knows that makeup should always be removed before going to bed; otherwise, you will spoil and dry your skin (which is just one of the main reasons for the appearance of wrinkles). Do not use makeup removal pads daily; however, this is a perfect option for emergency cases. If you forget to remove your makeup or get so tired that you literally cannot bring yourself to do it, keep such pads at hand – they will cope with their task, although it is better to use specially designed products for deeper cleaning.

Use oils

It is a well-known fact that lazy people are actually the wisest: they know how to come to the right result with a minimum of body movements. Speaking of beauty, this applies to multifunctional products. As for anti-aging care, these are primarily oils. Yes, of course, you will need a guide to find those that suit you, but they can remove makeup while keeping your skin hydrated and lifting it at the same time.

For the sake of reducing the number of bottles on the shelves, you can choose one, but the most effective moisturizing product – a cream, discarding tonics, serums and concentrates.

Use the brush and paste for other purposes

We are not saying that they should not be used to clean your teeth, but they can be successfully used for other purposes. For example, you can scrub your lips once a week with the help of a brush (they are also prone to aging, losing volume and looking worse without proper care). There is one more tip about the paste – in emergency cases it can be used to quickly eliminate a pimple. We definitely do not recommend doing this all the time (so as not to cause irritation), but you can do it in emergency cases.

Choose a night mask

A night anti-aging mask is a real godsend for lazybones. After all, we are often unwilling to apply a mask, because we do not want to note down the time, leave the couch and go to the bathroom one more time. However, there are masks that can be applied at night and washed off in the morning. In some cases, it and it is not necessary to wash it off at all (see the instructions).

Apply the cream on the eyelids and lips

We have already written about the fact that products eyelids are suitable for the lips. So if you use an eye cream, apply it to the lips – they also need moisturizing.

Pay attention to SPF cosmetics

Given that most modern powders and foundations already have SPF, they can easily replace sunscreen. However, it is better to use them in urban conditions. If you are somewhere under the Asian sun, these products will fail to protect your skin from burns and drying (and this leads to skin fading, as you know).




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