Asian Must-Have Beauty Products

Everybody knows what Koreans, Chinese, and Japanese inventors are when it comes to the beauty industry. What products can you borrow from their cosmetic bags?

Toothpaste with bamboo and pearls

Unlike European teeth whitening products, which mainly use coal and minerals, Asians use a dental paste with pearls and bamboo salt. It is believed that these substances not only purify the enamel but also protect it from further yellowing. At the same time they are suitable for sensitive teeth and save the gums from bleeding. It appears that they came up with an almost impossible thing: how to make a smile snow-white (which was always considered a fairly aggressive process) without harming the health of the teeth and gums.


They were invented by the Koreans, but we have been using them for so long that we already consider hydrogel “patches” to be something of our own and native (especially in the morning, when we look in the mirror at the face with edema). Despite the fact that many international brands produce these products, only Koreans are able to pack in compact packages as many patches saturated with seaweed, gold particles and other useful ingredients as possible.

Cream with shark oil

The shark is practically the queen of fish among Asians: it is eaten and forced to work for the beauty industry. Actually, shark fat is not something that was pumped out for her weight loss. It is a substance contained in her liver. Sharks have attracted scientists because of their excellent health. Thanks to their strong immune system, sharks are almost not susceptible to diseases throughout their lives.

It is believed that shark “fat” contains vitamins for rapid tissue regeneration and anti-inflammatory components. This knowledge was useful, for example, in creating foot creams that help fight inflammation, swelling, and even tendon problems.

Sulfate-free herbal shampoo

The Japanese, known for their love of potions and the collection and tincture of herbs, have been producing shampoos that have been giving a head start to European analogs for many years. The key point of Japanese hair products is the absence of harmful sulfates and a crazy mix of many plants that moisturize curls, prevent scalp peeling, and promise to stimulate hair growth. Considered all round, everything is as always: maximum effect with minimum harm.

Protective face masks

In Korea, Japan, and China, they had been covering their faces long before it became mainstream all over the world. The inhabitants of these countries tried to hide their skin from the sun rays and to save it from the pollution of a big city. Asians have an eye for making protective masks. They have long learned to make them reusable, breathable, and tight.


We come to Bali to have a massage with aromatic oils, we go to Indian yoga, during which they burn aromatic sticks, we use coconut oil after sunbathing on a Thai beach… Furthermore, we just put together a shortlist of things to do in Asia (or inspired by Asia) with the involvement of oils. Some of them are sometimes attributed almost magical properties. For example, patchouli oil decreases cellulite, reduces appetite, and strengthens the immune system.

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