Which Types of Pants Make You Look Better?

Simple everyday pants can ruin or emphasize our figure. We will tell you which pants are worth trying on and which ones should be taken for recycling.

No: low-rise pants

Fortunately, low-rise pants, which were fashionable in the 2000s, didn’t come back into style like other trends of that time. The higher the pants are set with the waist indicated, the longer your legs look. But don’t go too far with the proportions: trendy pants shouldn’t be higher than one and a half centimeters from the navel.

Yes: cropped pants

Pants that open up the ankles makes your outfit look more elegant. Just be careful not to choose too-short pants. Stylists advise measuring about five centimeters from the lateral ankle (bone on the outside of the leg) – if the pants end higher, they will seem to be defective.

The rule is only suitable for straight and not too wide pants. For example, it’s absolutely normal for culottes to end in the middle of the calves.

No: long pants

One of the most popular clothing trends for this summer is wide palazzo trousers. They can make your hips look better and make you look taller, but only if they end up literally a centimeter from the floor (it is better to try them on with shoes). Otherwise, they will make you look smaller, and make the bottom of your outfit look overweight.

Yes: pintucks

Fashionable pintucks that add folds to the pants can make your figure look better. But in fact, there is no universal formula: to find the perfect model, you should try on pants from several brands. They can be supplemented with a belt to accentuate the waist.

No: elastic band

Pants with an elastic band, as opposed to pants with pintucks, accentuate the imperfections of your figure (even if there are none of them) and hide the waist. If you want to buy comfortable pants with an elastic band, pay attention to sports joggers.

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