How to Accentuate Your Tan?

After sunbathing, everyone wants to highlight the tanned skin color as much as possible. We will tell you what clothes (and what else) can help to accentuate your beautiful tanned skin.

Light and pastel shades

Everyone knows about the magic of white: it is against its background that tan looks especially beneficial. But you don’t have to choose pure white: pay attention to other light colors or pastel shades that are fashionable this season.

Delicate lavender, peach and mint colors accentuate the tan as well, and at the same time make the outfit softer and lighter.

Clothes with white piping

If you don’t like light colors, or you have a strict dress code at work, there is still a chance to cheat. Choose a clothing item of any color with white piping: it borders on the skin and highlights it beneficially.


The most versatile option that certainly suits everyone is silver and gold jewelry. Chains, rings and bracelets are often underestimated because of considering them to be just pretty little things. But in fact, they can both make your body look better (for example, emphasize the hips or make the neck look longer), and accentuate the tan.

By the way, that also goes for shoes and accessories of a metallic color – for example, silver shoes or a gold clutch.


If you want to be irresistible, you can use the supermodels’ hack – apply a little highlighter to your legs, arms, and collarbones. You can mix it with your regular body cream for a delicate glow.

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