Celebs Who Might Need Some Beauty Lessons

Some celebrities are often advised to turn to professional makeup artists for help. Very often, they catch a wave of criticism because of their recurring beauty disasters. Have a look s our list of the main celebrity “losers” who should have never taken makeup brushes in their hands. Let’s find out which celebs need to learn how to apply Makeup first.

The chronicle of public appearances rarely becomes monotonous. Some star appearances on the red carpet immediately fall into our mood boards, while at others, it is simply impossible to look without crying. In today’s article, we figure out which celebs demonstrate frankly tasteless beauty images more often than their colleagues and receive regular complaints from makeup artists and stylists.

Tyra Banks

From year to year, the model and permanent host of the show “America’s Next Top Model” confidently leads the rankings of celebrities who need urgent beauty help. If you look closely at some of the star’s makeup images from social events, it seems that the lights were turned off in Tyra’s bathroom and she had to apply Makeup in complete darkness.

However, Banks herself was never embarrassed by such remarks, so the atmosphere of eternal Halloween on her face can be considered her signature card.

Nicki Minaj

The rap artist is used to shocking the public not only with her lyrics, but also with catchy makeup images that sometimes shock experienced makeup artists and stylists. The star loves to combine many shades in one makeup look. The result is often frankly lurid, so she might also need a recommendation from a professional star makeup artist.

Christina Aguilera

The queen of the 2000s, Christina Aguilera, does not abandon the fifteen-year-old trend for the catchiest Makeup. Even though recently the performer has been trying to be more restrained in her beauty addictions, including rhinestones, glitter, and all kinds of eyeliners, there are still plenty of blunders in Christina’s makeup images. They are noticeable not only to makeup artists but to her fans as well.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is one of those celebrities who love layering Makeup. At the same time, the singer often breaks bad, forgetting about proportions and any harmony in the image. Most often, Demi misses with accents and face Makeup.

Too dense textures, which Lovato prefers, only emphasize the skin’s visible imperfections and add a few extra years of age.

Lindsay Lohan

Those who followed Lindsay’s work and watched her social appearances at the peak of her popularity remember very well that the star has never had a taste for Makeup. Today, the actress has also become the object of criticism: makeup artists like to scold the star for the wrong placement of accents, the selection of shades not according to skin tone, and many other things.

It is hard to say whether Lindsay herself feels upset about this, but she is clearly in no hurry to correct the mistakes.

Britney Spears

Britney is beautiful, no doubt, but what the star has definitely always lacked is her taste for Makeup. Of course, compared to many other heroines from our selection, Spears’ makeup images look more restrained and, therefore, more natural. Yet, makeup artists have always noted such shortcomings in the diva’s beauty looks like a poorly developed skin tone, an excessive passion for smokey eyes, and incorrectly chosen color combinations. Working through these moments, Britney’s beauty images could definitely get a second wind.

Rita Ora

Many people love Rita’s bright, charismatic style, making her stand out on the red carpet. However, when it comes to Makeup, the star often fails. As with the wardrobe, the star loves to experiment with makeup looks. The craving for the unusual plays a nasty trick on Rita. The good old makeup classics, in her case, would definitely be relevant.

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