Would You Wear Noodle Nails?

It all started with the fact that bloggers decided to look for alternative ways to perform their usual beauty rituals during the international quarantine. They were left without salons and the help of specialists but had a lot of free time.

Instead of acrylic nails, they came up with the idea of using macaroni for nail extension. Later, it literally grew into vermicelli madness – Italian pasta turned out to be not only one of the favorite dishes of people around the world but also an inspiration for nail art.

Now, that it has become easier with visiting public places, girls still continue to use noodles (or other solid objects, leaves of grass or even nuts), paint them on their nails or just stick them on their fingers for fun.

The trend reminded many people of the stars who love long, long nails (including Rihanna, Khloe Kardashian, Rita Ora, and Cardi B). The latter was thought of most often – the facial expressions and gestures of the rapper, demonstrating huge jewelry on her fingers, are ironically copied by some girls.

And this girl tried to live a day with Cardi B’s nails – have a look what it’s like:

So, are you ready to try the new fashion trend too?

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