What Makes a Woman Look Childish and Immature?

No age should be a hindrance to wearing what you like. And yet, sometimes stylists warn us that we can make our image too carefree and childish. We’ve put together five tips for those who are afraid of looking too serious.

Ruche and bows

The abundance of ribbons, bows and lace collars may well turn an adult girl’s outfit into a childish one and remind everyone of the fluffy dresses of princesses (and fairies) for matinees in the garden. However, you should not completely abandon these cute details (especially if you really want to). Bows, lace collars and ruffles are important elements of the Victorian style, which has been in trend for many years. The main thing is to know when to stop.

Cartoon print

The beloved trend of having cartoon characters on T-shirts (and sometimes whole suits) also makes your style infantile. But while almost all stylists categorically prohibit buying things with mice and dogs drawn, some designers show how it can be worn.

For example, at the end of last year, Reebok released a collection featuring Tom and Jerry characters, Uniqlo dedicated a collaboration with Ambuch to Minnie Mouse, and Levi’s supported the release of Star Wars.

It is important not to overdo it: for example, sneakers with black and white sketches “from childhood” will make the street-style look stylish, but if they are supplemented with a colorful T-shirt with a huge mouse, it will turn out to be rather infantile (not in the best sense of the word).

Stylists also refer to floral prints (and at the same time polka dot) as the ones being infantile. At the same time, small flowers and plants are some of the main trends in 2020. Fashion is not at all devoid of frivolity and tries to inspire us to treat our outfits a little easier.

“Doll” accessories

Headbands, lollipop earrings or rings in the form of dinosaur or parrot figurines – this can either make the image more interesting or “return” you to elementary school and make people around you wonder if you have found your jewelry in a chocolate egg.

Such separate accessories are still trendy, so you don’t need to give them up. But it’s best not to combine trendy, playful bags and jewelry with any other items on this list.

Funny tights

Trendy, colored tights or socks with funny inscriptions and drawings can also add excessive carelessness to the image. At the same time, in order to get into trends, it is enough to correctly combine them with other clothes – for example, socks will decorate a street style or a sports image, and tights will complement a boring suit or dress.

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