21 Things Everybody Does When Nobody Sees Them

There is a big difference between how people behave in public places and when nobody sees them (or at least they think that nobody sees them). Everyone has their own little quirky habits that other people find strange or even disgusting.


1. Picking your nose

The list of the secret things everyone does should start with the classic nose picking. Moreover, there are even some people who like looking at it.

2. Using smartphone in the restroom

Some time ago, people used to read newspapers in the restroom. Today it is difficult to imagine someone going there without a smartphone.

3. Googling oneself

700-job-office-career-work-frustration-secretary-woman-worker-employeeSurely everyone has already tried to find themselves on the web. Or at least is going to do it.

4. Eating in bed

Some people actually eat in bed, even when there are others around. However, most people do it when they are alone.

5. Keeping an eye on the exes in social networks

Whoever says that they are not doing it is lying. On average, each person does it for about three years after the breakup.

6. Hiding the garbage under the rug

You can carefully sweep up the garbage and throw it in the bin. But why bother when you can shove it under the rug or refrigerator with your foot?

7. Stealing nuts in the store

700-tangerine-mandarin-nuts-food-diet-weightIn large supermarkets, there are delicious snacks, such as nuts or candies, sold by weight. Most people, when they think that no one sees, throw a nut or two into their mouth. Of course, we hope you are not one of them!

8. Sniffing clothes before washing

This, of course, is never done in public. But at home, when there is no one around, it is the best way to understand whether it is time to wash the item.

9. Drinking from a bottle

This may be a small 0.25-liter bottle or a huge 2-liter bottle. No matter what is poured into it, everyone drinks from the bottle instead of using glasses and cups.

10. Talking with inanimate objects

Everyone says something to the things at home, addressing them directly.

11. Talking to yourself

When no one is looking, almost everyone is talking to themselves. Often loudly. Very much.

12. Make a crazy combination of foods

cake-sweets-pastry-diet-nutrition-fat-foodSandwich with sausage, peanut butter and raspberry jam, washed down by a milkshake as a snack before bed. Not a problem when you are home alone.

13. Measuring the body

Measuring body parts is equally popular among men and women. However, they measure different body parts.

14. Accepting the terms of use without reading them

If someone is looking, the majority at least pretends to be reading the terms of use on a website. If no one is looking, you just click “I agree”.

15. Eating with your hands

This does not refer to pizza, which is usually eaten this way. We are talking about such delicacies as ice cream, sauce, etc. however disgusting it was!

16. Making weird selfies

Whether in the gym, in the bathroom or in bed, everyone makes weird selfies. When no one sees it.

17. Crying over movies

sad-woman-window-cry-depression-breakupInterestingly, not only movies can make a person cry. When no one is looking, you can shed a tear about a handball match or the National Geographic program about sea turtles.

18. Not washing dishes

Who does not accumulate a pile of dishes in the sink, when no one reminds you of washing it. And then you need to soak it for half an hour to make it clean again.

19. Deleting the browser history

No one wants someone else to know what he or she was looking for on the web. You immediately start thinking of what other people will think about you.

20. Walking around in pajamas at home

Or in underwear. Or even naked.

21. Eating dropped food

Yes, most of us think that if we pick up a thing quickly, we may eat it. But when no one is looking, some people may pick up what has been lying on the floor for a few hours (of course, at home).

Of course, it’s a humorous review, but, admit it, you do at least a few things from this list!

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