Former Electrician Gets Her 6 Ribs Removed to Resemble a Disney Character

Pixee Fox is a former electrician with a face resembling a cartoon character. The 29-year-old Swedish girl admits she has made more than a hundred surgeries, including the removal of six ribs, breast augmentation up to 30J size, rhinoplasty, buttock lift, and chin reshaping. The girl also underwent an unusual procedure on her eyes: for this purpose, she specially traveled to India to change her eye color to light green. She has already paid more than $119,000 for plastic surgeries.

This is done for the sake of one goal – so that the appearance of Pixee Fox (as she calls herself) is as close as possible to her cartoon counterpart. In her Instagram, the model constantly compares herself to princesses from the Disney world and each time is amazed at the resemblance to them she bears.

Pixee used to have an absolutely simple life: she worked as an electrician in Sweden and was dating a guy. But then he left her, and this trauma made the girl completely change herself and her life: she became interested in plastic surgeries and left for North Carolina in the USA.

People around do not share the model’s passion. “My mom is constantly upset, especially when I come home after another procedure. I have always felt uncomfortable with my parents. I am in a closer relationship with my sister. She mocks at my plasticity and thinks I’m crazy, but she doesn’t really think anything bad about me”, the cartoon celebrity told The Sun.

However, the girl’s recent posts are worrying, and they are dated November last year. Fox writes that she has been recovering from the surgery for a year now (she does not reveal which procedure she has had). She is staying with her family in Sweden. The plastic surgery caused complications in the brain, and Pixee blames the Turkish surgeon for this. According to her, he has crippled many other lives.

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