Weirdest Treatments for Eternal Youth

We know (almost) everything about creams and serums that turn back the clock, but we don’t realize that certain physical exercises as well as games with fire and cacti can also provide us with an anti-aging effect. Caution: do not repeat them at home!

Cactus massage

The substances that are contained in the Mexican prickly pear cactus moisturize, improve blood circulation and remove harmful substances. Despite the “prickly” reputation of the plant, the procedure is painless – the cactus needles are cut not to damage the skin. Then, the leaves are applied to the desired area of the body and massage is carried out with agave juice instead of oil. Some Latin American salons offer a glass of tequila before the procedure.

Massage with slapping

An adventurous emigrant named Tata, a masseuse from Thailand living in San Francisco, offers an unusual method of rejuvenation. During 10-15 minutes, the client is slapped on the cheeks and pinched on the face, which makes the skin more tightened. After the procedure, the skin remains toned for 6 months. Tata says that such a technique has been in demand in Asia since ancient times.

Fire massage

Previously, only the ancient Chinese elite could afford treatment with fire, and the doctors who had mastered fire practices were equated almost to magic healers. Nowadays, everything is much more prosaic: fire massage is popular in many countries. First, a nourishing cream that protects against fire is applied to the skin, then a cloth saturated with alcohol and herbs is applied, and finally the client is… set on fire. The show lasts 10-15 seconds, and the master repeats the manipulation just as many times. Such a procedure relieves muscle cramps and swelling, improves blood circulation, promotes active cell regeneration, and relieves pain if manipulations are performed on the back.

Cardio exercises

Some sports exercises not only support the immune system and improve health, but also save from swelling, under-eye bags and premature wrinkles. In particular, trainers especially recommend cardio exercises. Having spent at least 15 minutes a day with a skipping rope, you will notice that your face has become more radiant and toned. The effect is achieved due to active blood circulation, which enriches all organs (including the skin) with oxygen. Due to sweating, toxins are eliminated from the body and the elasticity of the walls of capillaries and large vessels increases, which protects against early wrinkles and folds.

Correcting the cervical vertebrae

Atlas is the first cervical vertebra that connects the spine to the skull and actually holds the entire head. In most people, the atlas shifts throughout life and ceases to fully perform its supporting function: the arteries and the nerves are compressed. As a result, the head may hurt, the pressure rises, the musculoskeletal system fails. Our face can also signal problems because it does not have enough blood. Bags under the eyes and pale color are two links in the same chain. Correcting the atlas (except for the other bonuses) increases the blood flow, and the skin becomes fresh and toned.


Cupping therapy may no longer sound surprising, but the bloodletting procedure is not for the faint of heart. The skin is pierced in various ways, and a cupping glass is placed in the halo of these punctures to draw stagnant blood. Thus, the skin tone is restored and cardiovascular diseases are treated. There are three types of techniques depending on the type of puncture: capillary bleeding is used in the Chinese and Muslim methods, small veins (peripheral) are punctured in the Tibetan procedure, and large venous bleeding is common in the European approach.

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