How to Properly Take Care of an Engagement Ring

So the question’s been popped and you’ve said yes – exciting times! You also have a gorgeous ring that your fiancé specially picked out just for you. Maybe it was even a custom engagement ring that was carefully selected to match your style and your personality.

Whatever the case, everyone loves to show off their diamond engagement rings but then barely give it any thought beyond that. Sure, they may admire it from time to time, watching as the diamond sparkles and shimmers in the light – but do most people actually think about taking care of their ring?

Unfortunately, most don’t, which can lead to it losing its lustre and shine down the road. If it gets dirty enough, you could also have bacteria growing on your ring that can cause an allergic reaction or skin irritation. Gunk or debris can also potentially damage your gemstone or the claws that hold the stone.

Clean Your Engagement Ring Regularly

It’s generally recommended that you clean rings that you wear everyday every two weeks. This will prevent nasty bacteria from growing or your jewellery getting damaged.

Simply mix dish soap and water together in a bowl, then dab a soft cloth in it and begin to gently clean your ring. Make sure you’re extra careful around the diamond as well as the claw that holds it in place. If there’s gunk under the claw, use a small toothbrush to get underneath and clear it out of dirt.

Rinse off the piece and simply leave on a dry cloth to air dry. By regularly doing this, you’ll maintain your ring’s cleanliness and prevent its stone from dimming or becoming cloudy and dirty.

Take it to a Professional

Most professional jewellers offer free cleaning for jewellery that they’ve sold. Ask your fiancé where they bought the ring from and you can take it in for a regular cleaning every six months – just like its very own spa day! In the right hands, they’ll make sure that it’s looking good as new as the first day you got it.

They should also be able to make any repairs if necessary – for example if a gemstone seems loose, or if one of the claws is bent. They’ll also be able to buff out any unfortunate nicks that appear in the stone or the band.

Things to Avoid

To maintain the quality of your ring, avoid using any harsh chemicals on it. For example, if you’re cleaning be sure to wear gloves, or take it off before you begin. Harsh chemicals can damage the metal and gemstone causing them to wear down or become brittle.

It’s generally a good idea to avoid wearing your engagement ring in any circumstance in which you’ll be exposing it to dirt – like cleaning, gardening, or being outside in nature. Mud, gunk, and other debris can get caught in it, or it can snag on something while you’re out being active.
Basically, just try your best to always remember that it’s there and be conscious of taking care of it, and you should always have an engagement ring that looks as good as new.

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