Fall-Winter 2016 Headwear Trends

It is fashionable to wear a hat this season. Every girl should have at least a few headwear pieces of different colors and configurations. What to pay attention to and what headwear to choose? We have gathered the most current trends in one review!


Knitted hats

headwear-trends-1A handmade hat is at the peak of fashion, so head for a crafts store, learn to handle a crotchet and knitting needles, and knit hats for yourself. Well, if you have neither the time nor the desire, you need to pay attention to cable-knit hats of warm wool. Designers recommend wearing such an accessory with your hair loose.

Gangster hats

headwear-trends-2Gangster-style hats will be very popular this season. And not just black or gray, but bright and bold as well – red, crimson, yellow. Such an accessory goes well with bright shoes or a handbag.

French berets

headwear-trends-3Designers have prepared a special trend for romantic girls. French-style berets worn slightly at an angle are back in fashion. The most relevant ones are fur and velvet models.

Voluminous fur hats

headwear-trends-4While normal-size hats with earflaps were popular last year, this year all the stylists are obsessed with very large and voluminous fur hats. It is desirable that such a hat has strings and could be tied, hiding the ears from the cold.

Stylish caps

headwear-trends-5Baseball caps with large peaks have broken into fashion. It is worth paying attention to models of leather and jersey decorated with various textile and metal elements.

British bowler hat

headwear-trends-6A British bowler hat is worn with a severe coat of modest colors. Also, you can wear this hat with a stylish three-piece business suit. This option is perfect for the fall season.

Color veil

headwear-trends-7It’s been a long time since designers pleased us with veiled hats, but they have finally decided to re-introduce this trend in the fall-winter season. Of course, they deviated from the classics and made some interesting modern versions with colored veils. They look very creative!


headwear-trends-8This accessory is very popular now, and some designers even advise to wear it instead of a hat. And indeed, why would you need a hat, when there is a hood!

For the most audacious

headwear-trends-9And, of course, this season has many bold and creative solutions to offer. Those who are not afraid to express themselves can try on bright and unusual patterned hats, berets and caps.

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