17 Unusual but Beautiful Wedding Dresses

Wedding is an extremely important event, especially for the fair sex. You have to look your best on this day. This, of course, requires a good wedding dress. We have gathered the loveliest samples of modern wedding dresses in our review.


1. A bright touch

1weddingclothesA classic wedding dress decorated with bright patterns of sequins will emphasize the bride’s youth and flirtatious nature.

2. Retro

2weddingclothesA white midi dress with a red belt and petticoat will create a feminine and at the same time daring image that will appeal to fans of the 60s’ style and culture.

3. Bright splash

3weddingclothesA modern wedding dress is not necessarily snow-white. A bright floor-length sundress will emphasize the bride’s individuality and is perfect for wedding ceremonies.

4. Natural fabrics

04weddingclothesA simple and elegant silk dress with a floral print is a perfect choice for boho style weddings.

5. Flower fantasy

5weddingclothesA long bright wedding dress with a floral print and a voluminous skirt will make the bride’s image unique.

6. Ombre

6weddingclothesAn Ombre style wedding dress is a stunning blend of the classic and the modern.

7. Pant suit instead of a wedding dress

7weddingclothesAn elegant, refined light pant suit or a one-piecer is a great alternative to the traditional wedding dress.

8. Lace Wedding Gown

8weddingclothesA long flesh-colored dress with inlays of white handmade lace will create a gentle, feminine and seductive image of the bride.

9. Black Wedding Dress

9weddingclothesA long voluminous black wedding dress will suit an audacious bride who loves to be in the limelight and does not care about outsiders’ opinions.

10. A coquette’s outfit

10weddingclothesThe bride and groom are the protagonists of the wedding ceremony, and their outfits are purely a matter of their personal taste. Modern brides increasingly refuse elaborate dresses in favor of original and even outrageous costumes.

11. Warm outfit

11weddingclothesThose who are planning a wedding in the cold time of the year should pay attention to the combination of voluminous dresses or skirts with a contrasting woolen sweater.

12. Flower splendor

A charming floor-length dress with a floral print and an open back will help to create a naive and romantic image and is perfect for a wedding ceremony in the open air.

13. Thin plait

13weddingclothesA snow-white top of a thin semi-transparent lace in combination with a long skirt is one of the modern trends in wedding fashion.

14. Gold scales

14weddingclothesA long dress, embroidered with large gold sequins will appeal to the brides who love glamor and luxury.

15. Loud red

15weddingclothesA red cocktail dress is the choice of a femme fatale who loves catching admiring glances.

16. Emerald

16weddingclothesAn original wedding dress, embroidered with emerald sequins is a great way to emphasize your individuality.

17. Casual

A short light dress and sneakers will emphasize the bride’s character and her finely cut body.

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