How to Look Good If You Feel Bad?

Sometimes you happen to wake up with poor health, headache, and swelling. How can you make sure that you will look good even in this situation? Here are some tips.


  • After washing your face, rinse it with cold water;
  • Wipe your face and neck with tonic, and then apply a good layer of moisturizer;
  • Circles under the eyes are hidden better if you use a concealer of a yellow hue;
  • If your nose is red with cold, and there is redness on the cheeks, you can mask it with the help of a greenish makeup foundation;
  • Do not use a bronzer or tan to disguise paleness – they accentuate fatigue on the face even more;
  • Do not use dry blush – it emphasizes flaking on the cheeks. It is better to take a cream or gel blush of a cold soft pink hue;
  • Curl your lashes, but do not use mascara, especially if tears tend to appear in the eyes;
  • Do not apply bright and especially matte lipstick on the lips. Apply a colorless balm or a pale pink lip gloss.

By following these tips, you can have fresh appearance and look good, even when you do not feel well. Do not get sick!

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