Most Common Blondes Myth Busted

Blondes are not as stupid as they are pictured in jokes and some movies. Scientists from Stanford University have shown that a person’s hair color does not affect his or her character or intelligence.


As you know, “gentlemen prefer blondes” because they are charming, sexy and silly. For a man, there is nothing nicer than to feel his intellectual superiority over women. However, this stereotype is devoid of any scientific proof, as U.S. researchers have found.

Hair color depends on only one “letter” in the DNA, and that is what makes a woman a blonde or a brunette. Scientists have found that it cannot have the slightest effect on either human intelligence or character. Thus, hair color is not linked to any personal characteristics, so the narrow-mindedness of blondes is a myth.

The genetic mechanism that controls the appearance of blonde hair has no effect on other aspects of the human body, according to Professor David Kingsley, the author of the study. He says it is a superficial, shallow judgment based on prejudice. Experiments on mice showed that hair color does not make them different from each other.

Perhaps some blond girls are merely succumbing to the prevailing social stereotype. And some even like acting like a blonde to attract male attention.