How to Make a Shoe Sole White Again?

Sad as it is, the first time you go for a walk in new shoes, the white sole turns gray. And in a few days it is virtually impossible to return its pristine whiteness. Neither detergent, nor bleach can do it. However, every woman has something at home that will help cope with the task in just a few minutes.


Few people know about different uses of nail polish remover. It is commonly used for its direct purpose. And that is all. However, it’s an amazing product. At least, it can easily restore the original whiteness of a worn-out sole.


Moisten a cotton swab or a clean dry cloth with nail polish remover and gently rub the soles. If necessary, change the swab. It works with any type of sole material.


However, to make white sneakers clean again, you will need a completely different secret.

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