How to Increase Your Closet Space

Many people live in a small house or apartment to save money. When doing so, they often need to deal with a huge amount of clothing. Here are some useful tips on how to try to fit more things in the closet.


1. Unnecessary items

700-clothes-shopping-buy-purchase-women-woman-money-spendIt is necessary to remove all superfluous things from the closet. Plastic bags, boxes, New Year gifts bought in June are all unnecessary.

2. Thin hangers

clothes-wardrobe-wear-fashion-t-shirtIt is necessary to use thin coat hangers. Unexpectedly, you will have more space in the wardrobe because the clothes will hang more compact.

3. “A valet’s hook”

closetOn the outer side of the wardrobe, you can attach the so-called “valet’s hook” (preferably, a fold-out hook that you will not be hurt by when passing near the wardrobe). It can be used to clean clothes, or to hang a dress for the morning.

4. LED bulbs

One or two LED lamps can be placed in the wardrobe. After that, the darkest corners will be visible, so many things will probably be found much faster.

5. Old clothes

shopping-sale-clothes-Most importantly, it’s time to clean up the closet! Old clothes that are not worn for years should better be thrown away, sold or given away to charity.

6. Shoe boxes

closet-2It is necessary to mark each box (with the help of a pair of photos and short descriptions). After that, you will not have to look for the right pair of shoes for half an hour.

7. A mirror inside a wardrobe

hotel-clean_Luxury-Mirror-on-the-wallIt is a good idea to hang a mirror inside the wardrobe. It is not only useful for any person on a daily basis, but also an amazing way to visually enlarge a small space.

8. Dress / coat + T-shirt / jacket

closet7567It is necessary to group all long clothing (dresses and coats) and all short items of clothing (shirts, jackets) together. This frees the space for boxes or shoes below the hanging shirts and jackets.

9. Corner shelves

linen-closet-07Corners of the wardrobe are not commonly used. But they can fit a corner shelf simply to use every centimeter of space.

10. Zoning

700-clothes-style-fashion-fabrique-material-sweater-pullower-warmThe most frequently used items should be stored at eye level. Less used items should rather be kept at the bottom of the wardrobe, and those that are used least often should go to the upper shelves.

11. Kitchen towel holder

kitchenIf you attach a kitchen towel holder to the inside of the wardrobe door or to its side wall, it can be used to hang scarves and beads. And if you use a small holder with S-shaped hooks, you can hang belts there.

12. Shelves for accessories

hair-accessoriesIt is necessary to occupy the unused space. For example, the top of your wardrobe and its far corners can accommodate small bookshelves for storing accessories, such as wallets.

13. A second rod for clothing

linen-closet-05It is necessary to attach a second rod for hanging clothes just below the main one. After all, your wardrobe does not solely consist of long coats and dresses, and shirts can be hung in 2 tiers.

14. Hanging cube shelves

linen-closet-06If you do not wish to have a second rod, you can purchase hanging cube shelves. They can easily store soft foldable things or shoes.

15. Fabric storage cubes

linen-closet-13It is necessary to keep small items, such as sunglasses, wallets and mobile phone chargers, in baskets or fabric storage cubes on the shelves.

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