5 Things That Will Cheer You up When You Feel Down

It’s fall and raining outside right now, you haven’t seen the Sun for three days, you have no appetite and can’t work. Your most favorite activity is lying on a couch doing nothing. Maybe it’s not the fall, but the problem is you’re just stuck on repeat as if in a kind of a Groundhog’s Day – and nothing new happens.


How to chase away the fall blues? How to stop feeling depressed and start acting and changing your life for the better? There are some tips that will cheer you up!

Describe How You Feel

700-relationship-love-couple-hands-jeans-friends-boyfriend-datingWhen you’re depressed, talking to a friend or a person you trust will help you feel better. Maybe you will be able to get some useful tips. If you can’t find understanding anywhere, just write your feelings down. You will become more aware of what is happening to you and get your feelings in front of you. Seeing your own life from another perspective helps to sort things out.

Listen to Music

body-muscles-fitness-walk-city-music-listening-New-York-man-backDON’T listen to sad songs. They will only make it worse. Enjoy cheerful music! The most difficult part here is to turn the music on at all, because it seems like listening to any music is the last thing you want to do when you’re feeling down. Just do it! And it’s a great idea to create your own playlists for different moods, especially a list of songs cheering you up, such as “Rock This Town” by Stray Cats, “Work this Body” by Walk the Moon or “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson. Just whatever song makes you want to move, swing, and dance and, finally, feel better.

Do Sports

700-sports-woman-train-exercise-weightlossIf the weather is good, grab your jacket and take a walk. Breathe deeply into your belly, as you walk. Ideally, jogging would do even better, because it causes your brain to release endorphins, which makes you feel great. Basically, choose any sports you enjoy. Even a 10-minute exercise on a yoga mat at home will work wonders.

Play Games

woman-texting-message-phone-smartphone-girlWhen you’re depressed, try not to focus on the bad things in your life. Seek for things distracting you from your sad thoughts, such as playing games. Super Mario Galaxy, Minecraft, World of Warcraft – anything you like would work best. Another option would be challenging your luck by playing online Bingo – simply use this list of Bingo sites to find the one you’ll enjoy most. You will forget all the sad thoughts for sure!

Develop a Plan

700-motivation-happy-happiness-woman-smileNow that you’re not that focused on the bad things and have some life power, it’s time to take some action. Think about the whole situation. What made you sad? Whose fault is it? How to improve the situation? How to prevent it in the future? What can you do next to change everything? Do you have an Aim and what are the small steps to take to achieve it? And as soon as you have a plan, start slowly. Remember, that even small steps will bring you where you want to be in the end.

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