50 Japanese Sayings & Wisdom Words

The Japanese are known for their unusual traditions and strange tastes, but their popular wisdom, proven for centuries, is understood by everyone and is applicable to any country.


Geniusbeauty.com chose 50 Japanese proverbs that are close to each of us.

Do everything you can and rely on your fate in other matters.
Both reason and plasters can be stuck anywhere.
Strangers come to feast, the nearest come to grieve.
Extra things mean extra care.
Feeling easy at heart makes your walk more pleasant.
There are no great men without ordinary people.
Remember gratitude as long as offense.
It is unheard of a naked person to lose something.
Where the force is right, the law is helpless.
What is acquired in a dishonest way does not bring benefit.
A husband and a wife should be like a hand and eyes: when the hand is hurt, the eyes are crying; and when the eyes cry, the hand is wiping tears.
Asking is a shame for a moment, not knowing is a shame for life.
A straightforward person is as rare as straight bamboo.
Being a husband and wife is not enough: people yet have to become friends and lovers not to look for them elsewhere.
Rely on yourself in the time of trouble.
It sometimes happens that a leaf is sinking, while a stone is floating.
It is easier to find 10 thousand soldiers than 1 general.
Any woman seems beautiful in the dark, from a distance or under a paper umbrella.
Even a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
Having reflected, make a decision; having made a decision, do not reflect.
Victory goes to the one who will endure for half an hour more than his/her opponent.
Road is easier with a companion; life is better with a friend.
No enemy is more dangerous than a fool.
Do not keep the one who is leaving, do not drive out the one who has come.
The sea is huge because it welcomes small rivers.
A blessed temple is recognized by the gate.
Like a torn dress, grief should be left at home.
Do not be afraid to bend a bit – this will make you more upright.
If you fall seven times, rise eight times.
The sun does not know who is right. The sun does not know who is wrong. The sun shines without the purpose of making someone warm. He who finds his true self is like the sun.
Nobody stumbles while lying in bed.
Check it seven times before you cast distrust on someone.
Happiness comes to the house where laughter is heard.
Nobody targets an arrow at a smiling face.
Who has a cheerful disposition will take the rough easily.
Whether the bow is good depends on the hand that holds it.
When there is love, smallpox sores are as beautiful as the dimples on the cheeks.
A perfect vase has never been made by a bad master.
Ice tea and cold rice can be tolerated, but a cool look and a cold word are unbearable.
If a problem can be solved, you should not worry about it; if you cannot solve a problem, it is useless to worry about it.
Quickly means slowly but without pauses.
An evil person tries to justify his mistake; a good person seeks to correct it.
Be a teacher of your heart – do not let the heart be your teacher.
A wheat ear drops its head as it gets mature; people raise their head proudly as they get richer.
Sometimes a moment is more expensive than a treasure.
Fifty today is better than a hundred tomorrow.
If a woman wants something, she can pass through the rock.
A good merchant does not display all the goods at once.
Keep your eyes open with those who keep their mouth silent.
A dog barks in vain, but the others follow it in earnest.