16 Useless Things You Keep Buying

The advertising industry can make any useless thing seem desirable and necessary for us, so that we will be happy to spend our money on it as soon as possible.


Of course, there are things and products that you really need, but most of what you buy belongs to the category of “I just want it”.

George Carlin, an American stand-up comedian, once said:

“Trying to be happy by accumulating possessions is like trying to satisfy hunger by taping sandwiches all over your body.”

Naturally, we will not stop buying everything we want, but we may try to make at least minor adjustments to our shopping list. In this article we will talk about 16 things and products, which you can easily give up without compromising both physical and moral health.



Well, how would beauty industry survive, if not for its incredible ability to sell any trifle for a soaring price, making the customers believe that this is a real must have?

1. An aftershave lotion

Every day (or a bit less often), men complete the shaving procedure with an aftershave. In fact, ordinary cool water will do the same: soothe the skin and narrow the pores. What the product really gives you is only a pleasant smell, which will linger on the skin. If you use aftershaves for the smell, then you need them. Otherwise, it is a useless product.

2. A body scrub

What is the main component of a scrub? Exfoliant particles whose role is typically performed by crushed apricot pits or artificial granules. Believe it or not, a common hard sponge will refresh the skin no worse than a good scrub, being much cheaper.

3. An anti-cellulite cream

Are you kidding? Do you sincerely believe a magic potion from a bottle can rid you of cellulite? Do not waste money.

Sports & Fitness


Sport is necessary, this is beyond questioning. However, do you need the whole paraphernalia that seem so attractive and bright on the shelves of sporting goods stores? We will try to figure out what items are of no use to you.

4. Gym membership

Funny, isn’t it? However, it is a fact that you do not need a gym membership to keep fit. If you are obsessed with the idea of looking good and feeling good, it can also be done investment-free. Walk, run, climb the stairs and just do exercises at home.

5. Dietary foods

This refers to all those fitness flakes and muesli, which are, for some reason, more expensive than a golden bridge. You can, in fact, simply cook porridge, though it will not be so fashionable and attractive.

6. Home gyms

So many new things have emerged recently! Fitness equipment for home use strikes us with its design and lots of functions. However, we bet that if you have bought one, tempted by the advertising, you are now only thinking about how to sell it at a more or less favorable price.

7. Sportswear

T-shirts with antiseptic silver coating, the newest fabric supporting moisture exchange, microfiber socks… Yes, marketers will come up with anything as long as you spend your money. In fact, you do not need anything except a pair of good running shoes, a few sleeveless shirts, pants and socks.

8. Magic pills

Do not fool yourself and think that one magical pill can help you get rid of the fat that you have accumulated over the years. Only active exercises and proper nutrition can do it.

Children’s goods


It is easy to fall prey to marketers when there are children in the family. After all, they deserve only the best, and you do not mind spending the last money, denying yourself many things.

9. Baby wipes heater

Has the world gone mad? If the wipe is really cold, you can just warm it in your hands or keep the packaging on the radiator!

10. A baby monitor

If you live in a two-storey house, this miracle of modern technology can be useful to you. However, won’t you hear your baby crying in an apartment?

11. Walkers

For hundreds of years babies have somehow been rising to their feet themselves. They cling to furniture and everything they come across. You can help your baby by supporting his/her hands. Walkers are a funny thing, but it is not clear why they have suddenly become indispensable. In addition, many consider them harmful to the baby’s spine.

12. A changing table or a pad for changing

Well, it may not be very expensive, but why should you spend money even on this little thing? You can change the baby’s diaper on a blanket rolling its edges to form a skirting.



Look around, your house is probably littered with unnecessary things. Do not repeat the same mistakes and do not waste money on pointless things.

13. Descaling agents for the washing machine

A washing machine is an expensive purchase by itself. But the shop assistants want you to buy an expensive descaler as well. In fact, scale can be removed with citric acid, which is very cheap. Pour it instead of the washing powder and set the regime for cotton (without laundry and without spin).

14. Means for cleaning silver jewelry

The best way to clean silver is to use tooth powder. Apply a little powder on a damp cloth, rub the jewelry, and then rinse it thoroughly and wipe with a dry cloth.

15. Blocked drain cleaners

They cost a lot of money. One can handle a clogged sink even with ordinary soda. You just need to pour half a cup of it in the sink and leave it there for a day. If it does not work, you can remember the good old method of cleaning pipes with a cable.

16. Paper towels for kitchen

This thing is very comfortable in some sense, but quite expensive. Washing ordinary towels will cost you less than buying paper towels regularly.

Here’s the final list. Do you agree with it? Is there anything to be added?

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