How to Promote Personal Growth & Learn to Learn

It may seem that if you study, you are definitely doing the right thing. However, someone can learn to play the guitar during a month, while others will not master the basic chords and strumming in a matter of a year. The rate of learning is affected by our approach to learning. There are many ways to accelerate personal growth.


With every year the experts who possess several skills are appreciated more and more. For the employer, a person who is able to perform a few diverse tasks is valuable for several reasons. First of all, because of the flexibility. Another important factor is the perspective of paying one person, not a number of them. Therefore, the more skills you possess, the higher your market value will be.

There is no problem to learn something new. Especially if you like it. But over time, the person loses interest in his/her occupation.

We offer many ways to enhance the learning process so that it would bring pleasure and become more effective.

  • You were surrounded by the people who were smarter than you;
  • you had the opportunity to make mistakes;
  • the company in which you were trained, was interested in your development.

In this regard, there are a few tips below.

Find a company where at least 30% of the people are smarter than you

The main catalyst of learning is the people around you. So surround yourself with the people who are smarter and better than you, and you will surely gain some benefit from this situation. It would be ideal to choose a company where it is very difficult to pass a job interview. Of course, you will have to pass it. Thus you will know that the rest of the staff have also coped with this uneasy task.

Do not be afraid of making mistakes

Your growth will be maximal if you make mistakes in 30-60% of cases. To get better, you have to be in a situation that does not mean 100% victory. For example, you cannot learn how to play tennis, if you play it with your six-year-old daughter. However, playing with a professional and losing will make you stronger with every single game.

Look for an opportunity to present yourself in a new role

Suppose that you are a person who always wants to develop. It is logical that you will look for opportunities to improve and acquire new responsibilities. However, not every company is ready to support you. Some companies need workers who do not strive for anything and simply do what is expected of them.

But there is a way to exclude such companies:

Find the people who joined the company a few years ago and have about the same career record as you have. Trace their career path. If their careers move forward, analyze such a company in detail. If they do not, and you notice a similar trend in other employees – the company is not for you.

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