15 Surprising Things You Can Wash in the Washing Machine


Although most people like water from childhood, washing can hardly be called a fascinating and absorbing activity. To reduce suffering from this obligatory ritual to a minimum, people have invented a washing machine. Did you know that it can be used to give a tidy look not only to your clothing, but also to some quite unexpected things? Check it yourself!

If you use the right mode, the right amount of detergent and do not forget to read the instructions on the label, you can easily wash these things in the washing machine:

1. Soft toys


Place plush pets into a washing net, use cool water (hot water can damage the adhesive) and half the amount of detergent than usual. It is better to dry the toys in the open air rather than in the machine.

2. Mop pads

If you wash this little thing in the washing machine, nothing wrong will happen. Still, it is better to read the label first.

3. Potholders

They can easily go with kitchen towels.

4. Caps and hats


First, apply some stain remover on the headwear (if needed) and leave it for five minutes. Then wash the caps and hats in cold water, running a short cycle.

5. Sneakers and running shoes

Remove the laces and place them together with shoes in a bag for washing pillowcases or in a pillowcase itself. Insoles and other “internal” elements should be removed. Add detergent and a little vinegar to deodorize the shoes. It is better to choose a delicate cycle and cold water.

6. Small plastic toys

Just put them in a separate bag and turn on a delicate cycle.

7. Pillows


The main point is to choose a delicate cycle and use special balls. This will not let the filler get rolled, and the pillow will not lose its softness and volume.

8. Plastic shower curtains

It is recommended to add a couple of large towels for a better effect.

9. Backpacks

To begin with, make sure that the backpack and the pockets are really empty. If you like carrying cookies and other snacks, use the vacuum cleaner to clean the backpack first. Wash it in cold water and in a separate cover (or a pillowcase) with a small amount of detergent.

10. Yoga mats


It is recommended to send them to the cleaner’s once a month. Wash them without soap. They can be dried directly in the washing machine at medium or high temperature mode.

11. Rugs for animals

Cold water, delicate cycle. And never dry rubber mats in the washing machine.

12. Sackcloth shopping bags

You need hot water and machine drying.

13. Sports equipment

The same principle is valid as while washing plastic toys – take a separate cover, choose a delicate cycle and non-aggressive detergent.

14. Animals’ bedding


Yes, even these things can become clean once again due to the washing machine.

15. Sport bags

Open the pockets, draw out everything they contain, and run a delicate cycle of washing in cold water.