13 Ways of Using a Hairdryer around the House

Ice, steam, wax, and nail polish – what do they have in common? Under certain conditions, all these substances are able to cause a lot of problems. However, all these and many more problems can be solved with the help of an ordinary hair dryer. Read this review for details.

If you still think that a hair dryer is only suitable for spoiling hair with daily drying, lifehacker Carley Jacobson will convince you otherwise. She experienced firsthand that even an old hair dryer will help to effectively solve these 13 everyday problems.

With the help of a hair dryer, you can:

1. Effectively remove stickers from any surface

These label stickers on the dishes and cosmetic products that leave sticky traces are unnerving, aren’t they? The child spoils the furniture with stickers? No problem. Simply aim a jet of hot air from a hair dryer at the sticker and give it a good warm-up. The sticker is removed leaving no traces. This method also works with contact paper.

2. Make the glasses fit

Cheap plastic frames usually come with standard-sized arms. Like Chinese clothing, «one size fits all». To make them more comfortable and fit your unique features, warm the sunglasses’ arms with a hair dryer at the highest temperature. Several minutes will be enough to soften the plastic and change its shape. However, do not experiment with designer items.

3. Remove traces of wax from furniture

Dripped wax on the oak table? Heat it until watery and remove with a usual tissue easily. You can try your luck and do the same trick with traces of wax on the carpet.

4. Make your cakes and cookies shiny


It sounds strange, but this trick is used by most confectioners and food bloggers. Low-temperature, half a minute – and the cream on the cake will become glossy.

5. Dry the clothes quickly

Who hasn’t spilled wine or tea at a party? Importantly, do not forget to remove all tags, otherwise you risk burning the clothes and return home in somebody else’s.

6. Dry the steamy mirror

Steamy bathroom mirror can be pretty annoying – especially in the morning, when every minute is crucial. Hot air will solve this little problem in literally 10 seconds.

7. Wipe the dust


Well, almost wipe. Why bother with a sponge, if you can just blow the dust? Cleaning for the lazy? You can also use a pipe of a vacuum cleaner on the other side.

8. Preheat a compress

It is a great idea for those who’ve been prescribed hot compresses.

9. Remove children’s wax crayons from the furniture and walls

The same principle as in paragraph 3.

10. Dry your shoes


A hair dryer will not save your sodden feet, but at least you can walk out again in your favorite sneakers. Just do not leave the dryer working at maximum temperature inside the shoe without supervision. It can melt!

11. Remove frost from the windows

Another autumn-winter lifehack.

12. Dry nail polish fast


Because, when you’ve painted your nails, you simply cannot do without buttoning, zipping, or searching for something in your cosmetics bag immediately. Dry nail polish – no problem.

13. Defrost food and drinks

Note: after this emergency defrosting, you should not put the products back into the freezer. They will obviously dislike it.

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