8 Weirdest Allergies Ever

Oddly enough, you can develop an allergy to absolutely unexpected things. Below you will find a list of the most bizarre allergies of all time.


Allergic reaction to kissing

Even an 8-year-old child can tell you that while kissing with another person you can get, for example, body lice. At the same time, kissing yourself is quite safe. Even after your face is kissed by a person, who regularly brushes his/her teeth, this person’s saliva may still have the traces of something that was eaten the day before, or medications taken earlier in the day. If you suffer a life-threatening form of allergy, ask your loved one not to eat products and not to use drugs, which you are sensitive to. But if he cannot abandon these products or drugs, you can wash your face thoroughly, removing the traces of kisses, and try to avoid dangerous tenderness for at least 24 hours.

Sun rays

Some people are covered by rash after a few minutes in the open air on a clear day.
Some people are covered by rash after a few minutes in the open air on a clear day.

When they enter a room, rash usually disappears after several hours. This condition is called solar urticaria. As a rule, it is not dangerous, but can cause itching and real problems and disadvantages, making it difficult to freely enjoy all the pleasures of life. Sometimes this allergy is cured by receiving desensitizing therapy: its essence lies in the fact that, starting with small doses, people are gradually exposed to more and more UV rays in a medical office, until their body gets used to the sun.

Juicy burger

Researchers at Vanderbilt University have found that thousands of people in the southeastern United States had a severe allergic reaction to meat, including rash, vomiting, diarrhea, and breathing problems.

The animal meat, eaten by these people, must have been bitten by some infected tick, but even such a minor event can trigger the development of allergies. If this form of allergy has been diagnosed, the patient needs to turn vegetarian: avoid red meat and possibly even dairy products. Besides, it is necessary to have a syringe pen with epinephrine in case you suddenly need urgent medical help.


A usual handful of coins can cause itchy rash in any of us.

Body piercing is also considered to be a trigger of allergies. Nickel (a metal which is a part of coins, jewelry, keys, and other household items) is one of the most common causes of allergic dermatitis. A quick test in the allergist’s office will answer the question what factors have led to the development of this unpleasant condition. The treatment of exacerbated atopic dermatitis generally involves creams, which include corticosteroids.


Some people with dermatographism (dermatographia literally means “skin” and “writing”) get covered with prominent red stripes within a minute after their skin is touched or patted. Tapping, irritation from clothing or bedding, even sitting in one place for a long time can cause hives. This condition, according to scientists, is closely related with allergy to sunlight and cold. Anxiety and fever may also trigger similar skin hypersensitivity. Antihistamines usually relieve such symptoms.

Work up a sweat

You’d be surprised, but it’s true! Such a rare form of allergy can be caused even by a visit to the gym. Perspiration can lead to hives and even vomiting, and some exercises can cause an anaphylactic reaction. The development of this form of allergy interferes with the normal operation of the heart, which can even result in death. Jogging is recognized as the most common cause of this condition. Even minor physical activity, such as work in the yard, can trigger the development of such a dangerous allergy. Some people demonstrate similar symptoms due to eating certain foods before exercise.


Even common assistance in the organization of a holiday can cause severe allergic reactions – from rashes to an anaphylactic shock.

Latex can be blamed for it. This is an elastic rubber material, which is part of balloons, disposable gloves, gum, toys and pacifiers. This form of allergy is more common in people, who work in health care (surgeons, gynecologists, nurses), as well as having a cleft spine (spina bifida). If you are diagnosed with such an allergy, you should wear a medical alert bracelet that will warn health professionals of the danger, and in case of an emergency they will use special gloves that do not contain latex.


If you are allergic to latex, it is advisable to use condoms made of polyurethane to avoid unnecessary inconvenience during and after intercourse.

If discomfort and rash appear after you have sex without a condom, it is possible that you are allergic to the sperm of your partner. A condom can protect you in this situation. Besides, you can go to the allergist’s office for a desensitization course in order to get used to the allergen. The doctor will put you in contact with a small amount of the substance that causes allergy. By gradually increasing the dose, your body will develop tolerance to a given allergen.


Very few women on earth suffer from autoimmune dermatitis caused by progesterone, i.e. they demonstrate an allergic reaction to their own hormones. This condition manifests itself in hives, sores in the mouth and rash on the body at a time when the level of progesterone in the body reaches its peak. Fortunately, this typically occurs once per month. Uncomplicated cases are treated with antihistamines and skin creams. In more severe cases, hormone therapy is used; some even dare to remove the ovaries in order to get rid of this problem forever.