10 Life Hack Tricks: Unusual Uses for Coffee

Coffee is a good drink, but you will love it even more when you find out how useful it is in everyday life, in addition to drinking it.


1. Coffee against Insects

Insects are extremely silly and stupid beings – they do not appreciate this divine drink and cannot tolerate even the spirit of it! Spilling dry coffee grounds in the places favored by ants, you can easily get rid of their neighborhood – they will go and look for a quieter place. And if you set coffee grounds on fire, this smoke will deter flies and wasps.

2. Coffee against Cats

Save the used coffee and apply it to fight feline chaos. If your mustached pet understands the meaning of the word “toilet” in a way that is more convenient to it, you can make the rascal stop fouling in the wrong place if you use coffee grounds, which should be mixed with floured and dried orange peel. Pour this fragrant mixture in secluded places that the cat has chosen as a toilet and enjoy the puzzled look of your crafty mustached pet.

3. Coffee Rids Pets of Fleas

Use coffee grounds as a flea shampoo. First, wash your pet with regular shampoo for fleas, and after that wipe its fur with coffee grounds mixed with water. Wash your pet thoroughly, and it will not only get rid of fleas: its fur will be soft, silky and… fragrant. It is easy to do such a procedure if you have a dog with short fur, but if the fur is long, it is necessary to wash it properly.

4. Coffee for Your Wardrobe

It is sufficient to just put a fragrant sachet bag with coffee in the wardrobe with clothes or linens, and your things will smell nice and will be protected from unwanted insects, such as moths.

5. Cleaning the Chimney Place

Used coffee is a good helper to clean the fireplace or stove. Before you start to clean a stove or fireplace, you need to toss wet coffee grounds there, and it will save you from the ashy dust.

6. Rid Your Furniture of Scratches

Coffee helps to remove scratches on dark wood furniture. To do this, dissolve the coffee grounds with hot water to the consistency of gruel and rub it into the scratch. Coffee, of course, must be ground very finely.

7. Coffee for Accessories

Rubbing coffee grounds mixed with glycerin in dark leather items, such as handbags or gloves, you can refresh the product and give it a beautiful shine. You can simply wipe the leather with a soft cloth or a cotton swab moistened with very strong coffee.

8. Coffee Rids of Smells

Sometimes a new leather handbag has an unpleasant smell. Get rid of it, sprinkle ground coffee on the handbag and leave it there for a few hours, or even for the whole day. Of course, this option is suitable only for dark leather handbags. Coffee removes unpleasant odor from the refrigerator.

9. Coffee for Plants

Used coffee is an excellent fertilizer for plants that prefer acidic soil. These are rose bushes and azaleas, rhododendrons and lilies, as well as many evergreen shrubs. Fertilize them with coffee grounds as they are very fond of it.

10. Cleaning out the Ashtray

Coffee cleans ashtrays wonderfully well, eliminating the unpleasant odor. Pour a little coffee in a dirty ashtray, wipe it with a damp cloth and rinse.

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