Reduced Christmas Gifts for Every 6th

A before-Christmas survey embracing 5,000 Britishers revealed that out of 6 people one will buy reduced stuff for presents exclusively, using different ways to save on the upcoming holiday. While many more people may be tempted by a bargain offer (actually two thirds of the people polled admitted it), every sixth shopgoer takes pains to get all gifts at a discount.

Christmas gifts

Sellouts, two-for-the-price-of-one offers, buying presents well in advance of the season, rummaging through discount departments are tricks of the trade that are being employed now by thousands of people bent on saving.

Researchers say that the average citizen customarily buys presents for six and more relatives each of which sets them back for £25. The average cost of the pleasure of Christmas generosities towards work colleagues runs to about £36 for three friends for every sixth fellow.

Most of these presents are various alcoholic beverages, clothing and toys coming second and third on the gift preference list.

25 per cent of people don’t buy Christmas gifts until late in the season in an attempt to avoid spending too much, and 30 per cent get round to stocking up on gifts after December 20.

The comment from, the survey’s commissioners, said that Christmas thrift is “perfectly acceptable” and people can be proud of their attempts to save.

Source of the image: Photl.

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