10 Reasons Why People Buy Useless Things

We all know the feeling when something looked good in the store but started to look out of place once we got it home. It’s just one of those things, we say and don’t give it another thought – until we learn of the results of a recent survey that reveal that the average Brit sends over £49,000 down the drain because he or she made a hurried purchase.

Clothes at sales

Researchers working for Kodak Inkjet printers calculated that Britishers fork out £68.44 every month buying goods that later turn out to be unnecessary or just not liked any more.

So, to-be-regretted purchases run to a yearly expense of £821.28 and £49,687 and more for a person in their adult life. Now you can calculate the total cost of useless purchases lying around your house – and probably open up a second-hand store.

A poll of 3,000 people showed that 32% of them regretted buying some items of clothing, while 18% were tempted by an unnecessary gadget and 14% made a blunder when buying shoes.

For Brits the main reasons behind an unlucky purchase include:

  1. buying things in a hurry,
  2. depressed frame of mind,
  3. sales,
  4. tempted by a discount voucher,
  5. items seen in store promotions,
  6. not giving enough attention to the item bought because of other things on the mind,
  7. inveigled into buying by a pushy shop assistant,
  8. when angered or irritated,
  9. under pressure from family members,
  10. buying things intended to impress.

It seems men are more susceptible to these situations, for it turns out that they throw away £968 every year while women get useless stuff for £649 only, showing women as more prudent and sagacious once they step into a store.

Buying something for yourself is regarded as a treat, said a Kodak Inkjet printers spokesperson, “but that feeling can soon turn sour when your bank statement or credit card bills come through”. The current economic situation requires that people pay better attention when shopping and thus avoid wasting money.

Source of the image: Photl.

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