Pearls. 4 Myths about St. Valentine’s Day Gift

Woman with a lot of Beautiful PearlsOn the Valentine’s Day eve every man including your sweetheart has a hard time. He doesn’t know, what to buy for you. He wants to find a perfect gift, which would prove his love to you, which would gladden you and provide you with a lot of the most positive emotions. He wants you happy, but has no idea, how. But you can relieve his sufferings and always make a hint, a wish list or just tell your beloved, what you want. This would not let him surprise you, but it guarantees joy for you both. Today pearls have become extremely popular, they can be worn both at the office and at a party. This is why many women consider pearl jewelry a wonderful gift and dream of possessing a beautiful pink pearl bracelet or a black freshwater pearl necklace. Like this, for example:

Pink Freshwater Pear Bracelet

Pearl jewelry is timeless. Pearls have been known for thousands of years. Since ancient times it has been a symbol of unblemished perfection. It is the oldest known gem, but is also very popular nowadays. In spite of this there are some myths about pearls people believe, which don’t let them enjoy this beauty. Let’s break them!

Myth 1. Natural Pearls Are Extremely Expensive

Beautiful Pearls of Different ColorsYes, they are expensive, but not all pearls. Actually only 0,5% of the whole amount of the pearls being born are referred to as expensive. These pearls have an ideal round shape, smooth surface and are very lustrous. If the pearl shape differs from spherical, and is only 2-3% ellipse, its price is 5-10 times less than a round analog. But the rounder the pearl, the more seldom they are born. Inexpensive pearls are ellipse-, diametrical- and oval-shaped ones. Just as an example: a freshwater pearl bracelet costs between $27 and $150. And the price of a whole pearl jewelry set runs from $125 to $1300 depending on what you (your man) want and can afford.

Myth 2. Cultivated Pearls Are Artificial. Fie! Only Natural Pearls Are Valued

No way fie. Pearls are called cultivated, if the pearl-mollusk is regularly fed, taken care of and protected from temperature drops. Both “domestic” and “wild” (or “natural”) pearl oysters have the same, natural metabolism. The difference is only in the fact, that a cultivated peal has a much easier life, than the wild one, this is why cultivated pearls are more quality and smooth. Conclusion – quality cultivated pearls are beautiful, have a high value and are natural for sure. So, it could be given as a gift.

Myth 3. Pearls Are Only for Grandmas or Older Ladies

Luxurous PearlsNo, no and no! Pearl jewelry can be both classic and modern. Depending on design, it can be worn for absolutely different occasions. Whether you need to look elegant, glamourous and luxurious, or strict and laconic, or want to create a young, fresh and stylish look – you can and need to wear pearl jewelry. Because it can be very different and make you look best, emphasize your beauty, no matter what’s your age.

Myth 4. Pearls are Only for Women

If your husband (boyfriend) is interested in the latest fashion trends, wear stylish clothes, he might also like pearls. It sounds unusual, but men can also wear pearls. How? In cufflinks or neckpieces. See examples below. As you see, it is also a good gift for a man on the Valentine’s Day.

Tie Tack. Pearls for Men

Pearl Cufflinks for Men

Freshwater Solitaire. Pearls for Men

Pearl and Leather Neckpiece for Men

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