High heels Boost Sex Life

Woman Wearing High HeelsDo you wear high heels? As for me, I do it very often. High heels make short women look higher and their legs appear longer and more beautiful. But often, when I put those high heels on, I think, which effect wearing high heels has on my spine. Researchers in Italy have found, that wearing high heels, which was earlier referred to as unhealthy, boosts woman’s libido.

The author of the research, Dr. Maria Cerruto has found, that women wearing high heels improve their sexual life. 66 women under 50 took part in the experiment. It’s important, that the majority of the tested women, who often wear high heels, had as good posture, as other women. A posture formed while the woman is walking in high heels, provides the necessary blood flow to pelvic floor muscles and brings these muscles to the optimum position. Thereby, it improves their strength and ability to contract. Normally modern women don’t have enough time to carry out the right exercises for the pelvic zone, which is of vital importance for both women’s health and sexual life. In such cases high heels are supposed to boost the woman’s libido and rid women of many problems in this area.

A woman wearing high heels looks more beautiful, everybody knows it, but, anyway, don’t forget to carry out regular exercises, this is for sure healthier, and is also a fact.

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