24 Ingenious Ideas for Coffee Mugs

Here are 24 great ideas of coffee mugs design you will definitely like. These will make unique birthday presents for your loved ones this year. Some of them can be really good gift ideas, while others look just so great that you will want to have them for yourself. Enjoy and choose the one you like most!

Creative Coffee Mugs

Like Strong Coffee?

Is it a mug or a weapon? At least you can get a good grip on it. Punch coffee mug is a masterly thing!

Punch Coffee Mug

Keep Everything Home

Here’s a dunk mug – a mug with a convenient ceramic basement for your food stores.

Dunk Coffee Mug

A Camera Drink

You can almost make the one like that yourself dismantling your camera. Doesn’t it look stunning?

Camera Lens Coffee Mug

A Present from Your Granny

It certainly looks as if your favorite old relative knitted this cup for your Christmas present!

Knitted Coffee Mug

Nuclear Associations for Power Fans

This set is a pretty close imitation of a nuclear power plant. Let it smoke and feel the power.

Nuclear Power Plant Cups

The Cup That Says When

For those who like to have exactly 1/3 milk in their coffee – no mistake guaranteed with this Cortado mug.

Cortado Mug

Let It Drown

The cup is covered with a layer of heat sensitive dye that goes up to cover the iceberg when you pour in a hot drink.

Melting Iceberg Cup

Is It One or Three?

While your guests wonder how you manage it, you have quite a comfy drink no matter what handle you are using.

One or Three Cups?

New Relations between Old Friends

Now you can have the saucer where you think it will look better. Or maybe it’s no longer a saucer? Exactly, it’s a great To Go cup.

To Go Cup

Help at a Glance

Now this is really useful. Checking against the color guide on the inside of the mug you can see how far you are going with the ingredients.

My Cuppa Mug

Shot Down by Coffee

You can literally trigger off the energy beverage into your system. All automatic.

Gun Mug

Wear Your Taste on Your Mug

Twist the rings on the mug to show your drink and your preferences instead of speaking out loud. Let your mug provide full and unmistakable service!

Ingredients Mug

A Tell-Tale Cup

Do you think it looks a bit ordinary? It does – until you fill it up. At once it changes its color and the legend to tell you that the party is ON!

On Off Mug

Join Me in a Drink

You can link your cup now to another one… actually, to as many as five other cups… with a cute cross on the side. For company lovers as well as for those who like their drink to be a long one.

Linked Mugs

Almost Used up, but Good for a While Yet!

Don’t let this ceramic imitation fool you. It’s not real crinkled plastic! You may be disappointed and you may like it. Make sure to explain it to others before you hand it over!

Crinkle Cup

For Good Mood First Thing in the Morning

Get your favorite drink served with a smile.

Smile Mugs

Tea Bag Disposable

Bury your tea bag corpse under the cup where you find a ready-made grave for it. Handy and tidy are the words.

Tea Bag Coffin Mug

Me Cup – Just Comfort

It has more features than any other cup! The empty chambers in the walls prevent you from getting your fingers burned while your beverage is hot. The saucer will have your cup firmly fixed as long as you want it this way, and will easily turn into a sealing lid to keep the heat inside. 100 % effective!

Me Cup

A Breakfast Table Statue to Darth Vader

Who could have imagined that those good old Dark Lords were also fond of coffee?

Darth Vader Mug

When Helpers Are Painted On

This is a mug that will never drip down on things!

Lick Helper Mug

Get a Drink from Anamorphic Cylinders

An ages-old visual trick restored for those who want to read what is printed onto their porcelain saucers. These steel cups provide a good mirror effect with the inscription carefully made to be turned into neat calligraphics.

Anamorphic Cups

The Drinker Has Been Warned

In order not to read this pessimistic message you will probably have to refrain from drinking from the cup at all.

Pessimist Mug

Font Guide on

Nothing like the proper-colored Helvetica for explaining you to a T what exactly you are about to drink. True to font and to drink alike.

Helvetica Coffee Mug

Snuggly and Highly Holdable

This mug is designed especially to bring the center of gravity closer to your hand. There are different ways to hold it allowing you to pick a perfect fit. And at the same time it is pleasant to the eye. Will you choose this one for a winner?

Ultimate Coffee Cup

Source of the images: toxel.com, despair.com

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