Most Absurd Accessory: Golden Laces

Some of the accessories may be called works of art from the very beginning. Such accessories are very expensive for obvious reasons – they are unique. Unfortunately, these products do not include an absurdly expensive creation of Colin Hart from the USA. He has created golden laces which cost $19,000.

Gold shoelaces by Colin Hart

It took him one hundred and twenty hours of work to create the unique laces of a 24-carat gold. Only ten people will be the owners of these exclusive laces (if, of course, their creator will be able to find someone to buy the absurdly expensive laces). The golden laces will be delivered to the new owner under the armed guard. Let us hope that Mr. Hart has not invented his unique work of art to no purpose and that hip-hop stars will instantly buy all of them.

Gold shoelaces by Colin Hart

And those, who find the laces for $19,000 too expensive to purchase, will find a more democratic version of silver laces that Colin Hart offers for only $ 3000.

So, dear ladies, shall we buy them now or wait for a discount?

Source of the image: Millionlooks.

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