4 Ways to Step Up Your Accessory Game

There’s only so much an outfit can do without the help of accessories, so knowing what compliments your outfit is key to making any look more stylish. There are so many simple things you can do to breathe life into an otherwise drab outfit and make it look like you put in way more effort than you did.

1. Mix Metals

Some people like to wear a lot of jewelry rather than keep it simple with daintier pieces. If you’re a fan of making a statement, mixing metals is a unique way to make your outfit more interesting.

This may seem daunting since it’s somewhat unnatural to purposely mismatch parts of your outfit, but it can look effortlessly cool if you pull it off right.

You can mix metals by either pairing together different finishes like smooth or hammered or by mixing different types of metal like gold or silver. It’s also easier to mix metals if you use pieces that already combine different types of metals. This will do the work for you and make it easier for you to introduce other mixed-metal pieces into an outfit without it looking forced.

Whatever you choose to do, it’s important that the style of jewelry remains consistent. The last thing you want is an outfit that looks messy rather than stylish and intentional.

2. Accessorize your Tech, Too

Your phone is always with you regardless of what outfit you’re wearing, so it makes sense to use your phone as an accessory too. A simple way to do this is by picking a stylish phone case. It can instantly elevate any look and make it look like you thought of every detail when planning your outfit.

Casley offers the best marble phone case for an affordable price. Marble immediately radiates an elegant and classy feeling that will make any outfit look much nicer. With so many different colors and styles of marble, there’s something for everyone.

Casley offers cases for nearly all models of the iPhone. You can also choose between “classic” and “bold” options depending on how protective of a case you are in the market for.

3. Learn Color Theory

Did you know there’s a science behind the way you dress? Color theory can affect the way we pair garments together. Understanding color theory can make it significantly easier for you to dress well and avoid color combinations that look like an eyesore.

Red, yellow, and blue, are primary colors and they should be used as accents to a simple outfit. A pop of color will make any outfit more interesting without seeming too overbearing. Green, orange, and violet are secondary colors, all of which are directly opposite to their complementary colors.

A guaranteed way to ensure your outfit makes a statement is to take a quick look at a color wheel and opt for colors that are opposite to each other. Contrasting colors are known to be more noticeable to the eye. Following these tips will make your life much easier and take the guess-work out of getting dressed.

4. Play with Textures

Sometimes you can’t throw a coat or chunky jewelry on top of an outfit because the weather just won’t allow it. Although layering is the perfect way to accessorize a boring outfit, it’s not always ideal.

You can beat this by opting for different textures. Pairing different materials together like linen and silk is an unexpected way to make your outfit stand out without piling on the layers. You can also apply this technique to monochromatic looks for an outfit that is both understated and stylish.

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