5 Tips for Business Women: How to Recruit the Best Employees In 2019

Around 61% of employees burn out on the job. Learn how to recruit the best talent and this rate should fall dramatically.

Disengaged employees cost U.S. businesses about $550 billion each year. You’ll be saving money and time by hiring the right people. All it takes is one unhappy or unproductive employee to cost you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars.

Your business will thank you for improving your recruiting tactics. New and skilled talent promotes growth and innovation in any business.
Here are 5 tips for recruiting employees in 2019:

1. Use Social Media

Take advantage of social media for researching, evaluating, and recruiting talent.

Look beyond the resume by investigating a candidate’s presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and more. Their social media profiles showcase their skills, personality, and outlook on life.

Use business-related social media sites to advertise open job positions.

2. Be Specific

Be as specific as possible when detailing a job’s description and the skills/traits needed for that job.

Generic job postings get generic resumes. When you give highly detailed information about a job, you’re giving people more insight into what the job requires.

These fine details will scare away unqualified candidates and attract more qualified ones. This helps you with recruiting employees who are better for the job.

3. Assess Thinking and Intelligence

If you want to know how to recruit employees of quality, you have to see which candidates have critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities.

Success Performance Solutions helps you test job candidates’ thinking skills before hiring them. The enhanced method of cognitive skills testing will help you determine which candidates are intellectually capable of handling the job.

4. Referrals

Anyone who wants to know how to recruit an employee who can really shine should consider referrals. They can come from existing connections like employees, managers, or acquaintances.

Referrals eliminate a lot of the guesswork that comes with recruiting people. When a professional recommends someone for a job, they’re vouching for this person’s character, abilities, and employee habits.
If the referral comes from an employee, that candidate will have more insight into what the job requires. It makes them more likely to be successful at this job than others.

5. Keep It Mobile-Friendly

Knowing how to recruit people means being hip to the ways candidates access information. All of your recruiting efforts should be accessible to mobile devices. That includes all websites relating to the HR department.
Check out how the company website and hiring portal looks on different mobile devices. Job candidates are used to seeing the same layout. A bad layout will deter people from applying.

Learn How To Recruit Talent Successfully

Around 53% of Americans are unhappy workers. If you know how to recruit good employees, you’ll attract more people who will be happy with the job.

Happy employees are more likely to refer qualified job candidates than unhappy employees are. That’s why maintaining a positive work environment should always be a priority.

Take a look around our site and get more job/career advice. It’s a major step towards a more fulfilling work life.

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