How to Improve Your Business’s HR Department

No company is perfect, just like no one person is perfect. Disputes and conflicts are bound to arise in any working environment. Having a top-notch HR department is an absolute must for any business. Human Resources is often the backbone of any company or business; the stronger your HR department, the better equipped your company is for hiring/firing, conflict resolution, and maintaining employee standards. If your HR department is in need of a boost, here are some ways you can improve.

1. Make a Good First Impression

A business’s HR department is often the first point of contact for potential employees. Make sure your HR team has a standard protocol to follow when it comes to communicating and conducting interviews. You won’t want to find out you lost an interview with a potentially amazing employee because someone in HR didn’t respond to their emails or inquiries correctly.

2. Thorough Employee Screening

It’s never a bad idea to screen your employees before you consider bringing them onboard; someone who claims to have HR experience and boasts working well with others could actually be hiding a violent criminal history. Businesses like ShareAble for Hires, Transunion’s new brand, can offer speedy and reliable employee screenings in a matter of minutes.

3. Screen Business Culture

Company culture is an important part of the interviewing process that shouldn’t be overlooked. Every company has its own unique culture and energy; make sure your HR department is familiar your own unique atmosphere and screen employees by asking what they’re looking for to ensure a perfect fit.

4. Be Clear About Expectations

Never hide elements of the job from a future employee in the process of interviewing. Let them know exactly what they will be doing in their position and what the company will be expecting of them. A straightforward employee handbook or manual can be a great way to set clear standard for anyone interested in joining your team, and can protect your liability should disputes ever arise in the future.

5. Gage Motivation

Not every potential employee will be motivated by the same thing. Where some may be in it for the money, others might be looking for health benefits and vacation days. Make sure your HR has the opportunity to ask employees questions about what they’re seeking from the company. You may be able to save money on salaries if company lunches and extra vacation time are what pique the interest of your new hire.

6. Seek Longevity

The best employees are the ones that stick around for a long time. During the interviewing process, make sure your HR department is probing to see how the interviewee sees themselves in 5 years (and whether your company is part of that picture). Find out what they would need to stay with your company for a long time and do your best to retain them.

7. Check References

This can be another way to probe for longevity as well. If your interviewee has bounced from company to company, there is a good chance that he or she will do the same once you hire them. Calling references and former employers is a step that often gets overlooked due to time constraints; follow through and make sure your HR department isn’t glossing over this extremely important part of the hiring process—it’s not uncommon for people to put down fake references and job history.

8. Streamline Everything with Technology

As the years go by, technology gets better and better. So many elements of HR can be replaced with technology, helping employers complete tedious tasks in a matter of minutes by a program. Electronic application tracking, online payroll, and HR management systems software, can help your company’s HR department run fast and efficiently.

9. Keep Clear and Open Lines of Communication

Maintaining open and accessible lines of communication will allow for a much healthier work environment for your employees. You want your staff to be able to report any feedback—both positive and negative—they might have without the fear of backlash from a superior or colleague.

10. Promote Team Building Exercises

Treat the teams within your company to fun activities that promote unity and synergy. Dish out a little extra cash for a company barbeque or bowling night. When your team is comfortable with each other, they will be much more likely to perform more efficiently.

Keeping your employees happy and your business running smoothly doesn’t need to be complicated. Follow these easy steps and your HR department will be running like a well-oiled machine in no time!

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