7 Employee’s Habits Your Boss Hates

Even if you consider yourself an ideal worker, your boss might think just the contrary. If you want to move up the career ladder, you will have to reconsider your behavior and, in addition to professionalism, count on communication with other people. Here are several habits that seem insignificant to you, while terribly irritating your boss and driving your colleagues into frenzy.

Constant interrupting

Inability to listen will make anyone mad, not just your boss. However much you would like to talk about yourself, considering it much more important than what your boss tells you, constrain yourself and let them speak. Only then, you can barge in with your comments or voice several suggestions, which, in your opinion, can help solve the issue.

Disregarding the opinions of others

Any boss needs to feel important and understand that they are listened to. If you are accustomed to turning a deaf ear to them and do business behind their back, be prepared for their righteous anger – and for being politely, but firmly relieved from office. Personnel managers advise to avoid such moments and recommend keeping your boss CC’d if you email important clients. Even if you, as a professional, have the last word in this deal, you will show your boss that you are playing an open game allowing them to intervene in the process, if necessary.

Popping in and out

It can quickly drive anyone crazy, even the quietest and most patient person. So instead of bothering your boss every five minutes, it’s better to think what issues you can solve on your own and which ones can be put off for other days. Make a work plan and bother your boss only in case of urgency.

Gossiping and scheming

The incitement of disputes and quarrels in the workplace has not done anyone good. Although psychologists claim that gossips and schemes help some people to advance in their career, in most cases this behavior ends in a very bad way. At some point, you are summoned to the boss’s office and asked to resign voluntarily. If you dislike this scenario, try to maintain good relations with everyone without getting involved in quarrels or schemes.

Forgetting to perform important tasks

Forgetfulness, of course, happens to everyone, and even high-profile specialists sometimes do not manage to accomplish this or that task on time. However, this is not because they disregard them as unimportant as you do, but because they have a few more urgent issues on their agenda that also require immediate handling. Therefore, if you keep “forgetting” about important assignments, rest assured that very soon you will simply be sent packing.

Spend all your time in social networks

In the age of information technology, of course, it is easier (and quicker) for us to solve many issues through social networks. However, if you spend most of your time there (or keep hold of your phone during the whole working day), this can make your boss think that you either have very few duties, or you are simply not interested in this position and this company.

You do not take the initiative and do not care about the life of the company

In other words, you just sit quietly in the corner, as if you were not at the office at all. In addition, you try to do your job as soon as possible and run home quickly. Fulfilling an assignment during non-working hours or to showing up a little earlier is out of the question to you. You immediately look at your boss with martyr’s eyes and dodge their requests in every way possible. Alas, but a manager appreciates a proactive employee, who can always be available, can solve any difficult problem, is ready to cope with force majeure or can offer their own ideas.

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