Strong Man Vs. Loser

Strong women can find a relationship with a weak man very difficult. Most of the problems between partners occur not because they are incompatible or want different things. They simply don’t want to admit their inability to resist their weaknesses. If you are convinced that you behave like a strong woman, make sure that there is a strong man nearby.

A weak man

A weak man is not someone who cries or shows his emotions openly. Weakness is in his character and inability to cope with his own negative qualities, the reluctance to interact with other people, and the lack of basic ideas and values. Here are some features of a man with a weak character, although to other people he may seem courageous and brutal.


The man who can afford to do nothing all day long rather than help his wife, girlfriend, mother or neighbor with the chores around the house is weak. Weak is also the one who prefers to search for a thousand reasons to justify his inactivity or the one who feels sorry for himself and wastes time instead of doing what is required of him.


If a man thinks only of his needs and desires, he has an inferiority complex, which he cannot overcome. This makes him constantly ignore the feelings of his beloved people and his surroundings. Selfishness proves that this man is still a child in the soul, who needs attention and the fulfillment of his whims.

Passive aggression

Passively aggressive people are not prone to open aggression, so they resort to manipulating close people to get what they want or not to do what they are asked to do. This is the manifestation of weakness and the unwillingness to be responsible for what the man is involved in. The characteristic behavior of a passively aggressive man is avoiding answers, failing to fulfill his promises, blaming his partner etc. In other words, you will always be guilty of having the feelings and desires that irritate him.


People are emotional creatures. Hence, there is nothing wrong about the fact that something makes a person cry, laugh, feel angry or joyful. The man who is not confident of his strength will rather hide his feelings to conform with the accepted cliche suggesting that “men do not cry.”

Lack of protection

A strong man can and will protect his woman, regardless of the circumstances: whether one of his friends was rude to you or you were in a dangerous situation. A weak man will either ignore the problem or play a role in it, making you feel even worse.


A weak man is so afraid of the responsibility that he will not take any initiative, be it paying the bills, buying real estate or ordering a pizza. He would rather ask you to do that or arrange the things in such a way that you will have to do everything yourself.

Putting the blame on someone

Another feature of a weak man, associated with irresponsibility and fear of obligations, is accusing the surrounding people of his problems. If he behaves inappropriately – it’s because you provoked him; if things fail to work for him – it’s because something (or maybe you) hinders. He does not keep his promise because of unforeseen circumstances. Such men always have excuses which are aimed at masking their lack of desire to do something for others or to change one’s life.

A strong man

A strong man is an ideal, which every guy should strive to, and this is the type of man with whom it is worth starting a relationship. Here are some of the features of a really strong man – in case you still do not know how high you should evaluate your potential partner.

He practices what he preaches

One of the best features that a man can have is leadership. He must strive to win, otherwise, he will not have anything to establish his self-esteem, which is the way to weakness. If he wants to do something, this must be done. Only with this attitude to life will he be able to take care of you and himself.

Care and attention

A weak man portrays a brutal character not to lose his face, but a strong man knows that he needs to show emotions, care, and sincere tenderness. These are worthy qualities that not only cause women to trust the man but also lead to self-improvement.


A strong man not only knows how to get what he needs but also knows how to communicate with people and his beloved one. He knows how to listen and understand the essence of the problem, he also knows how to convey his thoughts and feelings to the interlocutor in order to reach a compromise.


A strong man is not afraid to think and is able to analyze himself, his feelings and actions. He may need isolation or personal space, but even if he does not have such an opportunity, he is convinced that to think means to exist. He is not inclined to impulsive and thoughtless actions, he predicts the consequences and always strives to learn valuable lessons from his mistakes.


If a man is really strong, he will not hide from responsibility. He will determine what obligations he can take on himself, and he will do it even before you ask for his help. It’s because such a man knows that a relationship exists only when there are two people. A strong man also knows that his actions and words can influence other people. If he makes a mistake, he will find the strength to admit it and improve the situation, instead of escaping or trying to prove that he is right.

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