How to Become More Successful at Work?

You have already given 10 years of life to your job, but the promotion passed you by again? Colleagues are not eager to support your ideas, offer help and take on some of your tasks, but they are happy to dump theirs on you. We will tell you why this is happening and how to change the situation.

Let’s look at how our body, namely the reactions of the brain and the biochemistry of physical processes, can serve the noble goal of gaining success in society and career.

Which people find success and recognition easier?

Attractiveness is what lies at the heart of anyone’s success, be it a man or a woman. It does not mean sexuality, although it is also important if we are talking about success with the opposite sex.

When it comes to building a career, we call people attractive if they draw others with their energy. All other things being equal, they will always be preferred to other candidates when hiring, the team will burn with their ideas, people will reach for them like the sun.

Being in their presence, we feel confidence, calmness, and positivity emanating from them. It is these people who are the fastest moving up the career ladder. Many are mistaken, believing that attraction is given to us by nature, and this cannot be influenced in any way. It can be learned by understanding what processes in our body affect it.

Mirror neurons: how your environment influences your success

In 1992, an Italian neuroscientist discovered mirror neurons, which are unique brain cells that activate when we follow other people’s actions. If the person next to you raises a glass of water, then the same neurons are activated in your brain as if you did it yourself.

The same thing happens with emotions. When we see the facial expressions of another person, neurons in our brain are activated, which are responsible for the same emotions.

When we choose to be around negative, insecure people, our brains automatically trigger the same feelings and attitudes. If we surround ourselves with energetic, purposeful, happy people, we will unconsciously copy and then radiate these feelings.

We copy not only actions, but also strategies of thinking, attitudes and, as a result, the picture of the world that is inherent in our immediate environment.

Hormonal magnetism: how to program your body for success

Any action, event, emotion always provokes the release of one or another hormone in us. Have you noticed that people with serious hormonal disorders are more often touchy, apathetic, anxious? With such people you want to contact less, you don’t want to be in their company.

Often they are called repulsive, although outwardly a person can be neat and observe all the rules of communication in their behavior. It’s just that their energy is negative, we often say. In this case, there can be no question of progress. Who needs a whining subordinate or a pushing boss?

Make friends with dopamine – it is responsible for our energy. Its deficiency causes increased anxiety, deficiency syndrome and self-doubt. Moving to energetic music, jumping, running and, most importantly, quality sleep will help you maintain normal dopamine levels.

Endorphins are our hormones of happiness. They are produced in response to stress, preventing a person from sinking into deep depression. Every time you go through difficult situations and fear, you become “attractive in terms of endorphins”. Make an effort on yourself, overcome your fears – it can bring you benefit!

A lack of serotonin manifests itself through apathy, lethargy, and self-doubt. Of course, you won’t get it by “jumping”, but by eating foods containing the amino acid tryptophan (bananas, nuts, sesame seeds, fish, cottage cheese), you can bring it back to normal.

Being attractive is as much a habit as drinking a glass of water in the morning. It can be worked out. Challenge yourself, try new things (great achievements are known to be outside your comfort zone), monitor your condition and surround yourself with people whose qualities enhance your own ones. Then you will be successful in any occupation!

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