These Body Parts Reveal Your Age First

We are going to figure out what exactly gives out your age, even if the face and figure are in perfect shape.

Taking care of yourself is not just a sign of our time, but the norm. Home (and often very expensive) care, cosmetologists and even plastic surgery have become part of our everyday life. Usually we take care of the visible parts of the body quite intensively ─ so that we are not ashamed “when people can see it”. Without exception, everyone is worried about the face and the forms that you can brag on the beach, and almost everyone unanimously forgets about the zones that unmistakably give out their true age.

Neck and décolleté

The most beautiful (and wealthiest!) ladies – the beautiful Monica Bellucci and the charming Cameron Diaz – could not resist the influence of time on these delicate areas. Everything related to the neck and décolleté area is easier to prevent than to “rejuvenate” them, i.e. return to the former shape.

It is possible to radically correct only what is above the Adam’s apple zone, but below, starting with the transition to the decollete zone, it is unlikely to achieve. For those who decisively want to get rid of a sagging chin, transverse neck wrinkles, longitudinal strands on the neck or double chin, modern plastic surgeons can offer a platysmaplasty surgery – an operation during which surgeons suture loose muscles.

There are different types of this procedure depending on the needs of the patient, but all of them will help to solve the problem of only the upper part of the neck.

Start taking care of your neck and décolleté area before you even think about plastic surgery. There is quite a bit of subcutaneous fat here. In addition, the neck is mobile and experiences additional stress. Sun exposure and dehydration exacerbate and accelerate the aging process. Home care should include sun protection – hats and SPF creams, as well as daily cleansing, moisturizing and nourishment (if you don’t have a special bust cream in your arsenal, just don’t forget about the décolleté when you apply regular cream to your face).

After 30 years of age, it is worth maintaining the tone of the neck skin with the help of biorevitalization (microinjections based on hyaluronic acid), plasmolifting (intradermal administration of platelet-rich plasma of the patient) and laser resurfacing, which will force the tissues to renew themselves more actively. Lipofilling can also be done, but in a limited way and very carefully.


Hands unveil your age no worse than the wrinkles on the face and neck. Impeccable Sarah Jessica Parker cannot boast of youthfulness as soon as her hands draw the attention of the camera. Hands are one of the most open parts of the body, they are mobile and maximally exposed to the sun and all kinds of household chemicals. Of course, these factors cannot but affect the condition of the skin.

The principles of preventing premature aging of the skin of the hands are the same as in the case of any other area of the skin – hydration and nutrition, peels, and massages. If home care stops helping, it’s time to see a beautician for PRP regeneration and laser procedures. Lipofilling is especially appropriate in hand care: a filler made from your own fatty tissue will add volume, and whitening procedures will eliminate pigmentation.


Another part of a woman’s body that is able to “give out” a woman’s age is the knees. The knees of Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Catherine Zeta Jones – women who have never been overweight and have always looked after themselves – confirm that some things are inevitable in the aging process.

The knees are a mobile part of the body and a complex anatomical structure. They constantly move, and the skin stretches, which is why it sags and folds with age. If the problem is in the patella area, hardly anything can be done: risking a working healthy knee for the sake of its aesthetic beauty is inappropriate, and surgery cannot radically solve the problem of age-related changes in the knees.

What will help? Prevention. If you want smoother, firmer skin on your knees, you will need to use external collagen stimulants for a long time.

Do not forget about products containing acids: mild exfoliation will leave the skin of the knees soft and velvety. Remember that the loss of muscle mass often leads to the “sagging” of the knees and elbows, so you have to go to the gym.

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