New Fragrance Precious Pink from Sergio Tacchini

The new perfume Precious Pink is designed for elegant, stylish women with unique sense of style, and yet active, modern, and dynamic lifestyle. The creators of this product say that this perfume incorporates quintessence of the modern woman.

Sergio Tacchini Precious Pink

The composition presents harmony of fresh, light, and sparkling notes with soft and calm accords. The entry notes introduce a cascade of citrus fruit in combination with the energy of green notes and freshness of white flowers. The heart of the fragrance captures the sweetness of jasmine and peach blossom. The final notes are enriched with touches of cedar wood, amber, and delicate musk.

Sergio Tacchini creates luxury collections of clothes and accessories and offers Precious Pink perfume as an add-on to emphasize the elegance of those creations.

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