Wardrobe Items You Should NEVER Buy

You must have regretted making a few purchases. The item is in the wardrobe, and you just don’t understand what to combine it with and why you bought it. We will tell you how not to litter your wardrobe and not to waste your money. What are the things that you should never buy?

Small sizes

Sometimes the shoes remaining in just one size (not your size) are so beautiful that you want to buy them by all means. In the store, they don’t seem too uncomfortable, and you also think that you can come home and try to wear off their stiffness. As a rule, nothing helps, and a new pair is sent to the farthest shelf.

There are several disadvantages at once – both the place taken in the wardrobe and the money spent. The same is with clothes that are half a size smaller: you should not buy them even as a motivation to lose weight. If the size you want is not available in the store, look in an online store.

Discount trends

It is mainly the trends of the last season that are sold at the biggest discounts. Along with fashionable things that will be relevant for a long time, there is a risk of buying a one-day trend that will look irrelevant in just a month.

During the sales, many stylists advise asking yourself the question: “Would I buy this thing without discounts?” And if the answer is no, even buying a thing that costs 20% of the original price will not be profitable.

Things bought according to someone else’s advice

Your husband has long dreamed of seeing you in a red dress, your mother advises you to buy a fur coat, and the stylist claims that everybody needs fashionable culottes – in none of these cases, should you rush to the store to buy “the very thing”. Never do it just for the sake of the beloved man’s approval.

In order for a thing to adorn you, you must feel comfortable. At the same time, you should not choose for a long time what to wear it with. The tips coming from stylists, relatives or friends are good, but only if you don’t doubt them.

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