Dr. Alina Sholar Discusses How To Choose The Right Skin Treatment For You

By Natasha Klein

When choosing the right skin treatments for you, patients should look at all their options. There are a host of different remedies available to help with a wide variety of skin problems. From acne to scarring and wrinkles, a qualified plastic surgeon and skin specialist like Dr. Alina Sholar can help you choose the right treatments to bring you a better appearance and a boost to your self-confidence.

Woman face with wrinkles and age change before and after treatment - the result of rejuvenating cosmetological procedures of biorevitalization, face lifting and pigment spots removal.

Have Your Skin Scientifically Analyzed

Deciding what treatments are right for you doesn’t have to be a matter of guesswork. Physicians like Dr. Alina Sholar use the SkinRx Skin Analysis using Dermalab Biometric Measurements and Observ Optical Analysis to determine which treatments would bring the most benefits.

Dermalab’s system is a biometric measurement device. This device can track multiple factors affecting your skin, like elasticity, transepidermal water loss, hydration, collagen loss, and sebum. This system provides scientific data about your skin, giving your doctor a road map to the best possible treatments.

Observ Optical Analysis is a state-of-the-art skin analyzing system that can help skin doctors provide an accurate skin condition diagnosis. This device offers readings of pigmentation and texture not only of the epidermis or outer layer of skin but also the dermis, the layer just underneath it.

The system takes sophisticated photographs of the skin, digitally analyzing them to show patients their trouble spots and give doctors a place to start when planning treatments. This system can uncover hidden issues and catch possible health problems along the way.

The SkinRx system involves a scientific approach that determines the root causes of issues you may have with your skin. Everything from your skin type to the underlying structure of your skin can be analyzed. It is essential to make sure that the doctor knows everything about your background, including any chronic health conditions and a history of smoking.

Topical Treatments

A qualified dermatologist or plastic surgeon can help you set up a regular skincare routine that is best for your body. A qualified doctor should approve of any skincare products you use.

For dry skin, a doctor might recommend a gentle, non-foaming cleanser with hyaluronic acid, a light moisturizer, and to avoid exfoliants unless they are incredibly mild.

For oily skin, you may be recommended to use a mild water-based cleanser. You may need to use a gentle exfoliant. A toner should follow, helping your skin absorb more active ingredients from your skincare products.

Next, you may need a targeted serum. Your doctor can help you select one. These serums range from hydrating to wrinkle-minimizing.

Finally, everyone needs to wear products containing sunscreen every day. At night, a moisturizer with the right consistency for your skin should be used.

Dr. Sholar even goes the extra mile. Based on the SkinRx findings, she utilizes Dermaviduals custom-formulated, bespoke skincare products that she creates right in her office apothecary to suit each individual patient’s unique skin needs.

Advanced Treatments

A skincare specialist can help you choose the best-advanced treatments for your skin. Some people may have scarring, uneven pigmentation, or fine lines that need to be minimized. Skincare specialists have many methods at their disposal to help patients look and feel better. These treatments can include lasers, in-office topical applications, and surgical procedures.

Choosing a Procedure

When you are planning to improve your look by visiting a medical aesthetics center, you should consider all of your options. You may decide to try topicals at home first before going to in-person treatment. You may want to go for a surgical solution right away. Either way, your plastic surgeon skin specialist will be able to walk you through the steps of choosing a procedure.

You will need to consider the cost of your procedure. With topicals, there is a low upfront cost, but it requires an extended period of treatment to get results. If you get an in-office treatment, it could cost more in the beginning but end up costing you less in your total out of pocket in the end.

For surgical solutions, it is a good idea to meet with a few different surgeons like Dr. Alina Sholar to see what they have to offer. Every plastic surgeon has areas that set their work apart. For example, some plastic surgeons are experts at facelifts while others concentrate on laser surgery.

Time Required for Your Procedure

While you may have a particular result in mind, such as minimized wrinkles or smaller-appearing pores, you need to understand that different avenues of treatment have different timelines. You might not realize that the cost of having a procedure done surgically may be affordable. Talk to your specialist about all of their capabilities and decide which procedures or treatments are best for you.

Looking and Feeling Your Best

When you take advantage of your skincare specialist’s expertise, you can create a better, more youthful appearance for yourself. Taking control of the way you look can be empowering and enhance your self-esteem. Whether you choose surgical or topical solutions, your specialist will walk you through your treatment and let you know about any side effects that may occur. Skincare and plastic surgery experts like Dr. Alina Sholar are qualified to help you with your aesthetic needs.

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