Violet Is The Trendiest Lingerie Color 2012

Violet is a new red color in the 2012 lingerie. Underwear vendors note the change of buying habits before Christmas and predict the tendency in 2012 as well.

Trendy violet underwear

After nearly five decades, red lace underwear has finally given up its positions during the pre-Christmas sales. One of the leading retailers in the UK, Debenhams, provides the statistics proving that in recent days men do not choose the red color while buying underwear for their women. Now they want to see their lady in violet. The sales of violet lingerie have grown by 54%!

Psychologists believe that such a rapid change in color preferences is caused by rapidly changing economic and social values.

The leaders of Debenhams believe that the reason is in a special magic of the violet color. Violet is a choice of the people, who prefer safety and do not want to run the risk and make ill-considered steps. The experts say that the financial crisis and the precarious situation of the euro arouse the people’s desire to remain safe at least in their bedroom. While red colors encourage reckless risk and urge us to move further.