Science: The Main Medical Innovation of 2011

The authoritative Science journal named the improved medicine for AIDS a scientific breakthrough of the year.

HIV AIDS Cure Found

The study, which started in 2005, was conducted by the U.S. scientists from the University of North Carolina. Having invited the patients from Botswana, Brazil, India, Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, Thailand, the USA, and Zimbabwe to participate in the experiment, the scientists evaluated the efficacy of antiretroviral drugs preventing the sexual transmission of HIV among heterosexual couples, where one partner was a carrier of the infection, and the other one did not have it.

The researchers found that the treatment of HIV infection with antiretroviral therapy at the early stages of the disease reduced the risk of infecting the healthy partner to 96%!

Even a year ago, it was impossible to imagine that one would create such an efficient cure for AIDS. Thus, the rate of HIV epidemic, which gains pace with every year, can be reduced.

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