Things to Remember When Buying Shoes Online

This spring, all the “fashion responsibility” was focused on online shopping. We are going to tell you how to choose the most ideal pair of shoes.

Measure your foot right

Sometimes we fail to order our size. Each brand has its own dimensions, and before buying shoes it is better to check it.

In order to measure the foot, you do not always need to step on it. It is better to first circle it with a pencil on paper and measure the drawing with a ruler.

Remember not only the length of the foot (the distance from the heel to the most protruding point of the toe), but also the width: it is also often indicated in dimensional grids (by the way, many brands make special collections for the wide foot).

Do not forget that clothes change our parameters: for example, nylon tights make the foot a little smaller, and socks make it bigger. Well, it is always worth considering that the feet may swell in the evening.

Order familiar brands

If you do not want to make calculations and gamble with the size, order shoes from familiar brands. For example, if you want sneakers, look at the brand of your beloved pair and find a novelty.

Do not risk

It’s easier to guess the size of sneakers and similar shoes: they have much less nuances than even the simplest boat shoes. For example, the volume can be adjusted by lacing or putting on a sock. But the shoe fit cannot be fixed: not only size is important here, but also the shoe that is comfortable to wear.

So if you don’t want to suffer through returns, it’s better to try on the most “complex” models before paying.

Don’t be afraid to talk

Every self-respecting online store (and you should choose only stores like this to buy something: click on the link, we are sharing the important rules of online shopping) is happy to respond to customers. So do not be afraid to ask the manager any questions.

As a rule, they can always tell if the selected model has any features, send a dimensional grid, and in some cases additional photos as well.

Do not forget to return

We can always return any ordered shoes. See the return policy of the online store on the site before purchase. Feel free to ask for a refund. There is nothing inconvenient about doing so.

If you are going to return the pair only because the size does not fit, you can’t wear it or get it dirty, otherwise, the seller has every right to refuse to accept shoes. Do not forget that a defective pair of shoes can be returned even after two weeks of payment.